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    HF modified

    Looks good and I'm sure it works well with the angle guide I sure appreciated much thanks my friend.
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    HF modified

    I would appreciate the pictures on the modified HF 1x30 and thanks for your reply.
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    delete post thread

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    delete post thread

    How to delete my posted thread???????????
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    HF modified

    Looking for pics of modified HF 1x30 belt sander into a knife sharpening system with stainless rod as guide + knife holder. After seeing how AMK75 is made surely, the HF sander can be made to function the same or close to it. I do freehand sharpening and would like to convert my HF sander any...
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    For Sale - Everything Else 1x30 HF modified knife sharpener

    Has anyone made a knife sharpening system with HF belt sander and stainless rod guide + knife holder? I do freehand sharpening and after watching video for AMK 75 sure is expensive do not want to go that way. Help surely appreciated with pics of modified belt sharpener.
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    UPDATED: ALL SOLD 1x30 Grinder- New In Box

    How much to ship to zip 78573 Mission, Tx????????????? Rey Garza
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    Interesting would never have thought the motor had this adjustment. Thanks for your input
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    I have noticed that the TW-90 grinder by Travis Wuertz has the tracking located on the bottom frame. Seems that this tracks precise due to the adustment of the main frame to the left or the right. Anyone know of this and how to install this on a 2x72 grinder versus the top tracking knob control...
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    Esteem Grinder...Build Pictures

    Tony, congrats on your grinder and I will be ordering the same grinder this week. Wanting to know as to the size of table stand you made so, I can make one the same. You can contact my email: Rey Garza in Texas cell# 956-222-6567 been a member knife dogs for a lenghty time...
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    First use of sambar crown, & second added

    I have been wanting to use amber sambar for handles and yours is a beauty nice work.
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    Tx grinders

    Thanks Ed well taken and will do.
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    Tx grinders

    Thanks a lot for your input true points and will take it to heart my friends.
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    Tx grinders

    This grinders are on ebay item# 173121754457 their made in Dripping Springs, Tx. Looks and performs good has anyone have one or know of them? Good price well made, your input appreciated thanks. Rey
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    Another skinner, acid etched

    Nice work on all! Especially the black ash combo great job.
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    Antler handled hunter

    My style of knife good job.
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    2x42 Sears Craftsman belt sander

    Looking to buy 2x42 belt sander if anyone has 1 for sale let me know thanks. Rey
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    Knives made in the past few months

    Glad to see you're back my friend and nice work.
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    Another Small Drop Point

    Great looking knife and handle inlay Frank.
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    forge heat probe

    I'm wanting to check how hot my heat forge gets. Been looking @ ebay for thermocoupler heat digital what u may call it. Does anyone know where I can get a reasonable priced heat probe for reading high heat on my forge?