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  1. stabber

    San Mai Camp Chopper

  2. stabber

    M390 Sendero with dyed Black Ash burl.

    Looks great, Darrin
  3. stabber

    Tactical Hunter

    She's a beauty. Looks like a Comfy design
  4. stabber

    Polishing knife blanks

    Finish Knives, LMAO. You mean Finnish USAknifemaker Steel Sticks
  5. stabber

    Big Camp Bowie

    Killer piece . I Love Afzelia wood
  6. stabber

    What's going on in your shop?

    Dang ! That is Lookin good
  7. stabber


    Very nice work
  8. stabber

    What the Heck is MOKU-TI???

    What is the Difference between MokuTi & Timascus ? Then you have ZircuTi Iy Yi Yi :)
  9. stabber

    Hello from NJ

  10. stabber

    Erik Markman JS: Spalted Oak Fighter (Ultra Hi-Res ZOOM image)

    Looks great. Beautiful pic !
  11. stabber

    Awesome find ! (Fowler?)

    That is Ed's Logo. Nice score
  12. stabber

    keeping this one

    Nice work
  13. stabber

    Shearwater - Fixed Blade

    Beauty, Sean ! See ya at the NYCKS
  14. stabber

    Piggyback sheath

    Nice work
  15. stabber

    Kizer Cutlery Kesmec G-10 Linerlock Knife (Satin) V4461

    Those are Nice, Jason
  16. stabber

    W2 hunter

    Beauty !!
  17. stabber

    Jerry Fisk Silver Gold Sendero

    HOLY MOLY....That is Gorgeous!!
  18. stabber

    Wind Gap PA Knife show

    Hello Knife Dogs Wind Gap PA Knife show this weekend. 4/16 & 17 I'll be set up. Stop by Plainfield Township Fire Co. Social Hall 6480 Sullivan Trail Wind Gap, Pa. 18091
  19. stabber

    Shenandoah Valley Knife Show

    Who's going? 4/1,2,3 I'll be set up there See ya there