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  1. Ember Knives

    Deformation & new knife

    Alright thanks guys. After trying to do the brass rod test and messing around, I think that the blade is just too soft. Bummer. So if it's to soft this means that I need to ht better, right?
  2. Ember Knives

    Latest chefs knife

    Looks great, you got that Damascus pretty dark there!
  3. Ember Knives

    Deformation & new knife

    Hello all, just completed knife #13. This one has really bad edge deformation. Does anyone have any idea why that could be? Just carving wood I get some deformation. I think I got the burr off, maybe I sharpened to too fine an angle, or could my ht be bad? Any info is appreciated as I couldn't...
  4. Ember Knives

    Drill Presses

    Thanks for the info. guys! Much appreciatory :)
  5. Ember Knives

    Starting An Elk Antler and Sanbar Stag Antler Knife

    Thanks for the WIP. Keep it coming!
  6. Ember Knives

    Drill Presses

    Hello all, any advice on getting a first drill press? Preferably one that's not so expensive and able to punch holes in sheaths? Thanks!
  7. Ember Knives

    Howdy from good ol' Alabama

  8. Ember Knives

    just finished this out

    I really like that one! It looks like one I'm working on right now, and I just got a chunk of caribou so now I've got an idea for one way I could go. Good job.
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    First Swedge

    Is there a lot of chatter on your 1x30 when you get up into the higher grits? This guy glues a piece of leather to his platen to combat that, haven't tried it myself though.
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    Even More Questions

    Just looking at the sparks on the grinder, seeing how much they "firework". Because hardened steel makes a whole bunch more sparks in my limited experience.
  11. Ember Knives

    Even More Questions

    Here's what happened. I have a firebrick forge with quite a few bricks I took out of an old wood stove. I have only ever hardened 1080 1/8 thick knives in it, and it performs well enough for me for that. My brother pumps in air with a ball pump thing. I used a mapp gas torch, but I couldn't get...
  12. Ember Knives

    A hunter and an ulu

    Beautiful! Is your makers mark etched white?
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    Even More Questions

    Hello all, some more questions! Does everyone else's magnets crack when hardening or is mine just faulty? I tried to ht a 1075 3/16 thick knife and I don't think I got it hardened. I could cut it with a file. I was hardening in canola oil, and someone mentioned that may not be the best to quench...
  14. Ember Knives

    Epoxying question for you "seasoned" pros.

    So if it has a 50 year hold life does that mean that the handle will need replaced in 50 years? Of course that is a looong time, way longer than any of my knives at this time will last. Just wondering. Thanks!
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    Alright, thanks guys!
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    Hi all, just a quick question. When you quench you're hamons do you get a ton of junk in your quench oil? If so is that ok? Thanks!
  17. Ember Knives

    New handle matterial.

    The knife and material itself looks nice, but it doesn't look very comfortable. After all, a knife is meant to be held, and it doesn't look like you'd necessarily want to hold that for very long.
  18. Ember Knives

    Missed on the heat treat

    Why is it that 1075 doesn't harden well in canola? Is it too slow? Personally, I can't afford Parks yet, so is there anything better than canola? Thanks!
  19. Ember Knives

    Handle thickness?

    I just use a belt sander and then "shoe shine" :) them, interested what other people do though. Edited to say: Ted posted as I did, he explained it all.
  20. Ember Knives

    Aging or Etching with Vinegar

    Ok cool. Thanks!