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  1. arock

    History Channel....Forged in Fire

    Peter, I really liked your rapier. I think you did a great job! That expert may just need to work out a little bit more so he can swing steel a little easier. I figured with those thrusts you had the money in the bag. I'm sure it was a pretty cool experiance though.
  2. arock

    My first knife!

    I fit that statement! lol Very nice
  3. arock

    Youtube Video

    anyone know where to get real tree scales that were on walter's knife?? at least thats what they looked like to me
  4. arock

    What's going on in your shop?

    Thank you Anthony! I'm on the same page now I'm glad to be caught up with everyone else! ha ha
  5. arock

    What's going on in your shop?

    Ok I'm not understanding what this is used for but I'm very curious could you please break it down for me?? Thank you
  6. arock

    Snakeskin handle challenge .... CRUSHED!

    Nailed it!!!!
  7. arock

    W2 folder with hamon and ironwood...

    Looks Great! Good question Calvin.
  8. arock


    That sure is a great looking knife!!!
  9. arock


    WoW! thats great perfect pick for the handle!
  10. arock

    Wicked san mai K tip Gyuto

    That is fantastic!!!!!
  11. arock

    2015 Badger Knife Show - Gallery of Knives

    You do fine work Cory! Thanks for sharing!
  12. arock

    Got the mill set up.

    Akwildman do you mind if I ask how much that all cost? I know I could look it all up but I'm trying the lazy way out cause I'm on my phone and it takes me forever to find anything on here. Thank you
  13. arock

    Got the mill set up.

    Akwildman what mill did you end up getting? Looks like fun I like the shoes you picked for it too!!
  14. arock

    What's going on in your shop?

    That turned out great Justin! lookes like it does to trick.
  15. arock

    Thumb jimping

    These two pics on top are done with the band saw sorry it's hard to see I guess I didnt take a pic of the spine. These two were done with a triangle needle file. Again not the greatest photos I'm no Cory Martin. They were taken with my cell phone with no intention on showing to professionals...
  16. arock

    How do you grind?

    Tim are you doing this at home?? Cause isn't your desk directly across from Boss's arn't you kinda with him already? ha ha Looking good having fun following this thread.
  17. arock

    Thumb jimping

    I'm very new to knifemaking so take my advice with a grain of salt but Ive used the triangle needle file as Ed said but I have also used my band saw but I also agree with Ed about the checkering file it has a very clean and uniform spacing. I just have not yet purchased one though.
  18. arock

    One More for Janesville

    That is awesome did someone pick that up??
  19. arock

    Wisconsin Badger Show

    Thats Awesome speaking of the Badger show can the Dogs that were able to attend share some photos for us less fortunate that were unable to attend?? Thanks!!
  20. arock

    My version of a Bowie...this is my first post and knife

    Wow I wish I started out that good! Looks like your on your way to a good future! can't wait to see more either