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  1. Justin.schmidt23

    Forging a Chef knife tips

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted over here. Got a quick question. Does anyone have any tips for forging chef knives? I tried on a piece of 1/4x1 cru forge V. But man it was a bear. This is what I got. Top piece is little over 1.75in wide and 8in long
  2. Justin.schmidt23

    Attempting to forge a chef knife

    Hey everyone! Haven't posted over here in a while. Well I'm trying to forge a chef knife all I had was some 1/4x1in CFV so thought I'd give it a shot. Man with a 55lb Chinese anvil this was a bear! But I gotta say I really enjoy forging. Well if you more advanced gents could give me tips on how...
  3. Justin.schmidt23

    Uber grinder

    Watched a video Tracy did back in '14 showcasing the uber grinder and that thing is pretty sweet. I'd love to build a clone. He said it was on his website in the video but I didn't see it. Did he stop carrying it? Thanks gentleman
  4. Justin.schmidt23

    Heli coil for aluminum tooling arm

    So I'm building my own grinder well in the "figuring it out " stage. I'm gonna use 2 pieces of 2x2x.250 steel tubing held together with. 250 steel plates. It's alot like the lb1000. I see that alot of grinders use the aluminum tooling arms. I'm not a fan of aluminum because steel threads in soft...
  5. Justin.schmidt23

    Vfd selection

    Posted this on another forum figured I'd might as well ask here too. I'm planning my 2x72 grinder build and I'm about to grab a 2hp baldor motor and I'm looking at different vfd. Specifically the teco fm 50 it says it input voltage is 380-480 and output is 0-480 I only have 110 in my garage. Do...
  6. Justin.schmidt23

    52100 or aebl?

    Well gents after acquiring a 2x42 and ruining about 7ft of HD metal I'm ready to step it up to real metal. Imy on a very tight budget due to only being on disability. So I have about a 30 dollar budget for some steel. I'm in West central florida so humidity sucks. But should I start off with...
  7. Justin.schmidt23

    New guy

    Hello gents I'm new here. Just tried grinding my first knife on a new 2x42. Wow, that is ALOT harder than it looks! As a beginner it's very difficult for me to not get frustrated when things don't go right lol I expect a lot out of myself. But not to worry I got 6ft of HD steel to practice on...