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  1. Tony Manifold

    Info on a carving knife

    I am looking for info on an old carving knife set my dad has. It has antler handles and was made in sheffield by Firth. I took a pick of the logo.
  2. Tony Manifold

    Madrone wood

    I have these two hunks of madrone aka arbutus wood. I think I can make some nice handle material out of them. Anyone have any experience with madrone?
  3. Tony Manifold

    Problem with longer knives

    I have started 2, 12 inch kitchen knives and I am having the same problem with both. I seem to be bending them some how. Is this common? Is there something I might be doing that is causing it? So far it is like 1/16 out of true but it bugs me and you will never get it back completely straight...
  4. Tony Manifold

    Straight Razor WP

    I bought my self some 2" by 1/8" AEB-L to make some chef knives and I decided to attempt a straight razor with some of the left overs. Once I was done cutting out the knife blank I was left with a piece about 5" by 1". I roughed out the shape until I ended up with this. Next I flat ground...
  5. Tony Manifold

    Arbutus wood handles?

    Being from the Pacific NW, arbutus trees are everywhere. I was talking to my mother about shopping for wood for handles when she mentioned my old man had a bunch of arbutus kicking around. I did some digging and apparently arbutus (or Madrone) is incredibly dense. Anyone ever use it for knife...
  6. Tony Manifold

    Plunge lines

    How do you get plunge lines and grinds so high up the blade. I have the blade as close to flat as I can make it with out putting it flat on the belt. Yet I still only get grinds that go halfway to 2/3 of the way up the blade.
  7. Tony Manifold

    What's on the bench these days?

    Let's see what every one is working on right now. Here is what is sitting on my bench in various stages. From right to left, I have version 3 of my RETT pikal fighting knife, a skinner, two drop points, followed by another skinner and a Wharncliffe that I just finished profiling. Finished all...
  8. Tony Manifold

    Two questions about kitchen knives

    I want to start doing some kitchen knives. I think there is a bit of a market for them and I have a brother who is a chef who could test/display them for me. My questions are as follows. If I want to use 10xx steel should I use 1084 or 1095? Why? Also what is a good knife to start with...
  9. Tony Manifold

    Roman knot file work?

    Anyone know of any tutorials on how to do roman knot file work? I was looking at different file work patterns and I found this but I can't find an explanation on how it is done anywhere. This is what I am talking about, so we are all on the same page.
  10. Tony Manifold

    Safety reminder: flying steel hurts

    Sit at the medical clinic right now waiting for some stitches, so I thought I'd give a little safety tip. Flying steel can take a decent chunk out of you. I was profiling a blank, and my hand let go. The flying blade tugged at my shirt but I was otherwise fine. I should have stopped there but I...
  11. Tony Manifold

    Question about knife blanks

    I want to make some Damascus knives but since I don't have to resources, and since I was planning on a traditional style, I was thinking of buying blanks. However, I keep seeing the pictures accompanying them with ground blades. I want to do the grinding and just want a cut out profile. Is that...
  12. Tony Manifold

    Foam for kydex press

    What kind of foam are you using for kydex presses? The first type I used was a firm cushion type foam and that was too soft. Next I used a much firmer foam from a sleeping pad and it worked good but now there is a indent permently in the foam. Any ideas?
  13. Tony Manifold

    New knife

    Here is my newest knife. It is a Reverse Edge Tango Tip (RETT). It is A2, 59 HRC with black canvas micarta scales. All I need to do is sharpen it, touch up the finish and make a sheath.
  14. Tony Manifold


    I was searching for parts to build a grinder, that I could buy in Canada. I found a nice 3 phase motor and now I know that I would need a VFD. Unfortunately, I am just not that familiar with them. Is this a VFD...
  15. Tony Manifold

    Trouble cutting micarta

    I have been trying use my band saw to cut out paper micarta in order to save on sanding time. So far all I have managed to do is ruin two slabs. My bandsaw blades keeps twisting and making curved cuts. Even with a guard I can't make a straight cut. Is this a common problem? I never had any...
  16. Tony Manifold

    How different is a single speed motor vs a variable

    I am looking to buy this grinder: There is an option for either a single or variable speed. I am not sure how much more the variable is but any more than a hundred or two will be seriously stretching my budget. Just how important is the variable speed...
  17. Tony Manifold

    2 new knives

    Here are the first two knives I made with proper steel and professional heat treatment. Steel is 1/8th A2 and handle material is green linen micarta. The top one is a utility/chef's knife I made for my old man for Christmas. It is intended for his camping trailer. The second is hunting...
  18. Tony Manifold

    Drill bit type?

    What type of drill bit do you use to drill into hard steels like tool steels? I am burning through bits like mad and it is getting annoying. I can't even drill a 1/4 inch hole right now.
  19. Tony Manifold

    Newly heat treated blades

    I just got my first batch of blades back from peters. .. and they are mostly blue. I'm sure its normal but do you have to sand it off or clean it with something?
  20. Tony Manifold

    Handle material question

    I am just about to order my first batch of micarta for handles. They come in 1/8 and 3/8 inch thickness and I am not sure which one I want to buy. I am using 1/8 steel and making combat style knives. Should I go with the thicker micarta? That would be 7/8 and it seems thick but 3/8 seems very...