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  1. Rick Otts

    Bowie Sheath

    Great job OP!
  2. Rick Otts

    First knife on new Grinder

    Very nice!
  3. Rick Otts

    NY Senate Unanimously Passes Bill to Stop Arrests in NYC – But, Will Gov Sign it?

    Well Gov Cuomo is a real pain up here but NYC keeps him in office.So no telling!
  4. Rick Otts

    Small Bowie Almost Complete Pics

    Looks real good there OP!
  5. Rick Otts

    just finished this out

    Great job!
  6. Rick Otts

    Knife WIP (Part Two)

    I got one of Eds sticks works great!
  7. Rick Otts

    Couple of Sheaths

    Very nice work there OP!
  8. Rick Otts

    Sheath Makin Hatin Club

    Yeah I bought that book also.
  9. Rick Otts

    Small Multi-purpose Knife

    Nice work!
  10. Rick Otts

    Another Cleaver

    Very nice OP!
  11. Rick Otts

    Gaboon Handled Chef's Knife

    Great job OP!
  12. Rick Otts

    Doc Holliday Bowie

  13. Rick Otts

    Trying my hand at a dagger

    Looking good there OP!
  14. Rick Otts

    Meet BOB (Bug Out Blade)

    Very nice!
  15. Rick Otts

    I failed...

  16. Rick Otts

    My first AEB-L kitchen knife

    Very nice work!
  17. Rick Otts

    super glue

    Heat I super glued a few coffee cup handles only to see them fall off on the dash board of my truck.
  18. Rick Otts

    It's ok to be blue!