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  1. Von Gruff

    1095 Questions

    On full flat grind I will take the grind to within an 1/8 -3/16 of the spine and leave the edge at about .040-.045 and the grind post HT is done with 120grit to refine the grind and then through 240 and 400 to finish.
  2. Von Gruff

    new makers mark

    Great story and a very apropriate sig line. I hadn't noticed it was 'the fish' when I saw it. Just saw some squiggles round the W
  3. Von Gruff

    1095 Questions

    I grind to about 90% pre HT Gene. I did a pair of Big Game Hunters this morning in .156 1095
  4. Von Gruff

    new makers mark

    So there has to be a story behind the W mark
  5. Von Gruff

    new makers mark

    Now you have set a division between your early and later work so the future collectors will be able to date your knives to pre and post naming. :p:p
  6. Von Gruff

    Simple knife design program??

    pencil and paper :p:p:p:p:p works every time
  7. Von Gruff

    Stepping into damascus

    The handle was fully shaped on the top and bottom with a little left on the faces in case I damaged them a little when removing the scales but that went without a hitch so waiting for the second (random pattern) bar to arrive so I can get the Safari knife up to the same stage. I got an answer...
  8. Von Gruff

    Stepping into damascus

    Next step is to finish shape the handles on the top and bottom while leaving some width for when I drive the pins out. I will be able to work on that after glue up without damaging the tang with sanding marks but that will happen in follow up posts. The Raindrops Bar on the other hand was too...
  9. Von Gruff

    Stepping into damascus

    With the inside faces of the scales sanded flat and individually fitted into the rear of the bolster I could assemble it in the special clamp I made for this purpose and held like this I can drill the three holes for the pins and mark round the outside of the tang. The second scale is treated...
  10. Von Gruff

    Stepping into damascus

    Because these bars come hardened it requires a bit of care to continually dip in the water bucket to keep it cool while grinding in the bevels which then get handsanded to 600grit and there the usual practice of affixing the handle has to be changed as the damascus needs etching in Ferric...
  11. Von Gruff

    Stepping into damascus

    This is from the forum where I get the majority of orders for my knives. This will be a bit of a work in progress thread for a few days so to start off a number of posts back @Dr Ray asked "Do you make Damascus knives with say rosewood handles??" I said I didn't but on refection I decided to...
  12. Von Gruff

    Off to Texas

    These two just need sharpened and they will head of to their new home in Texas. A repeat customer wanted another Buffalo Skinner to match the first one I sent with the buffalo horn 3 pin bolster and exhibition grade walnut on a 1075 blade and a Pocket Ranger with Zebrawood on 1095
  13. Von Gruff

    Finished a couple.

    serious work tools by the look of them. I like the recurve on the top blade.
  14. Von Gruff

    Twisted Damascus

    So there is a transition from the bright sanded tang area to the still dark etched spine
  15. Von Gruff

    Twisted Damascus

    So do you do a dry fit up of the handle so you can finish shape it then disassemble to do the etch??
  16. Von Gruff

    Coal Iron Works forging presses

    That san-mai is beautiful
  17. Von Gruff

    First knife on new Grinder

    Is it typical of wenge to have the open pores like that??
  18. Von Gruff

    Prayers for my wife, Update after the pet scan

    Bless your faith with calm endurance and the doctors with skill as Kathy fights the fight.
  19. Von Gruff

    Small Bowie Almost Complete Pics

    OP, For whatever reason, what looked like a wide blade in the first post looks very good with handle to counterpoint it in the finished knife and visually balances a very nice little knife
  20. Von Gruff

    Sabbath reflections