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    Checkering G10.

    Ditto...specially with G-10.
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    Simple knife design program??

    I use CAD...AFTER I have a real nice I scan my sketch and CAD my lines over it. Do NOT let any CAD program "drive" your design....or you will end up with a sterile looking gas station knife. I also copy my sketchs and sometimes glue it to wood and saw it out for "feel" if I...
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    Greetings from God's waiting room

    Welcome! Say...if you made that bowie in your avatar...we'd all like a closer look!
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    Checkering G10.

    I would try to talk him out of checkering..a coarser finish on G-10 is super grippy anyway...My instinct is checkered G-10 is not going to be lovely like I think maybe Gene Kimmi does inlay checkering?
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    Yay or Nay on Harbor Freight Band Saw.

    I have used the higher end saw from Harbor Freight for just over 20 years. This is for a contract machine shop. It has been used often and cleaned little....have not had to replace one thing.....well...except many many blades.
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    A new Bowie

    Very clean looking! nice job!
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    Off to Seattle on Sunday.....and hopefully some answers

    ...that never complains and is always cheerful! A great role model here...
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    Asking for Prayers for my wife, Update

    Praying Cliff...
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    Small Bowie Almost Complete Pics

    Very cool OP...came together nice!
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    Bowie Sheath

    Great looking knife and sheath Dennis! You never run out of new!
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    Randy Haas feather pattern is stunning. You would want to talk (email) with him to plan where the "quill" exits the steel I think...
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    Off to Seattle on Sunday.....and hopefully some answers

    Praying Ed...glad you're close to some answers.
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    Starting An Elk Antler and Sanbar Stag Antler Knife

    Anthony Self did a vid on using a C-Pap machine...positive flow and goes over the nose and doesn't fight the beard...of which his is He puts it in a drawer under the grinder where the dust can't get to it... Dan...great WIP!!
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    Struggling with makers mark

    I like razor back knives best...because I like the sound of RBK better'n RBB...both names are good...Steves got da gift! best I could do was Bacon Grease Forge...
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    Bowie Sheath

    Beautiful dye job Dennis!!
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    Mystery Steel

    Hi Johnny, I don't do any forging...all stock removal. I do listen enough to the forging guys on here to know they'd tell you to steer clear of mystery steel and use a known material. That knife has great lines and is overall a nice job. The blade looks de-laminated to me (once again I'm not a...
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    Finally got it done

    Nice setup...nice shop.
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    Family Heriloom Ironwood Bowie

    I was thinkin' the exact same name!! Didn't want to name someone else's!
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    Family Heriloom Ironwood Bowie

    I love that! If a Ka-Bar and a Bowie had a baby it'd be THAT!! Two of my favorite styles beautifully combined! nice!
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    Struggling with makers mark

    If just going with initials...try putting the initials "inside" looks like plenty of room there now...and ditch the upper neck line that I suggested earlier? Your earlier design is cleanest I think.