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  1. Rob Nelson

    What's your production EDC today?

    Just got my first Spyderco, Manix 2 LW Translucent Blue CTS BD1 - it's kicked the Buck Vantage Pro with no looking back. 2.8 oz on my scale, gives a lot of knife, and the CBBL is solid.
  2. Rob Nelson

    DIY Micarta Tube/Rod

    Seems like the preponderance of Micarta, CF, G10 tubes and rods are in natural or black. Anybody make their own from square stock? I've got an idea of using a solid bright color micarta for rod and tube. I'm imagining turning the rods out of short cut blocks, then a fatter rod for the lanyard...
  3. Rob Nelson

    Grippy scale material

    Anything in a natural that would be fairly grippy and weather resistant?
  4. Rob Nelson

    Any of you guys make paper micarta?

    I'm wondering if you layered it with a piece of cloth every now and again (like 5 paper 1 cloth) if that wouldn't help keep it from sliding around in the press. I almost think a little sliding would be interesting as you finish it, or make a pattern out of the logo that repeats, and maybe have...
  5. Rob Nelson

    Looking for some advice.

    All the knife shaped objects I've made so far have been in the category you describe (EDC, small hunter), and I would simply agree with what has been said - keep it simple in design, 1/8" 1084 is perfect. As for powder coating, I wouldn't bother just yet - look up forced patina, how people...
  6. Rob Nelson

    Grippy scale material

    I was reading about Terotuf last night; to what grit did you finish it, and did you oil it at all?
  7. Rob Nelson

    Grippy scale material

    I'll not be in the position to make knives for a while (PCSing overseas), but I hope to do some handles and sheaths. I'll also be limited to hand tools, which is not a limitation per se as I can mess up just easily slow as I can quick. Anyway, the projects I have in mind will be users, in...
  8. Rob Nelson

    USMC inspired EDC

    How do you advise your customers on the takedown piece? Do you include a wrench? I'd be scared to take anything in my tool box to that lovely pommel bolt. That is truly exceptional work! re: Mission 22. I'm a certified military suicidoligist, amongst other things, and have been working in...
  9. Rob Nelson

    Going in for repairs

    Raymond, Will be praying for you and calling out the troops to do the same. Smithy, if you don't mind, I'll add your name as well in our chapel prayer time Sunday.
  10. Rob Nelson

    Made myself a Knife

    That is very nice! Knife makers should probably make themselves one every once in a while ... and CARRY IT. I know folks who make knives who don't carry around a sample of their own work, so when folks ask "what do you do?" they've got nothing for show and tell. That one there tells a story far...
  11. Rob Nelson

    USMC inspired EDC

    Beautiful work - I can't imagine any better! ... and we prefer the term "prior Marine" vs. ex Marine. Ex implies the title has been stripped. :biggrin:
  12. Rob Nelson

    1 Peter 5:6-7

    Sir, I am; I was a soldier for 3 years, then a Marine for 8 more. I've been a Chaplain for 10 years now, and was wounded a few months out of Chaplain school on my first combat deployment. Managed to get them to let me recover in country, returned outside the wire within a week to go visit my...
  13. Rob Nelson

    Koa Hunter w/Leather

  14. Rob Nelson

    My first "KSO"

    I wish my first looked that good! Great job, now go make another
  15. Rob Nelson

    First in a long while ...

    Tactical Steak Knife for a buddy ... Made from leftovers: Black liner, multicam G10, SS pins, OD kydex, teklok, Russell hunter blade.
  16. Rob Nelson

    First in a long while ...

    And why am I getting in line ads for ""?
  17. Rob Nelson

    First in a long while ...

    Prison tat time - the polish color makes me feel pretty ;)
  18. Rob Nelson

    Back from a long layoff.

    I empathize ... welcome back!
  19. Rob Nelson

    Mammoth tooth and damascus chef

    Beautiful to behold!
  20. Rob Nelson

    1 Peter 5:6-7

    Brothers in Christ, As some of you know, I began knifemaking 5 or so years ago to put some creative quiet time into my life in the wake of a battlefield injury. I never got very good at it, and I give them away as gifts to family & friends, so for me it's only ever really been a time for quiet...