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  1. Cazador

    Miller Tanto

    I like that one a lot, Steve. The sheath is sweet too.
  2. Cazador

    My prettiest knife (so far)

    Sorry to hear about your friends, Ted. I think you did a very nice job on the knife and sheath, I'm sure Eddie will love it.
  3. Cazador

    ICCE show...

    Hey Steve, I thought the show was good! As with any new venue there are going to be some bugs to work out. I brought 11 knives and sold 4 at the show. I sold another right after the show to a person who bought at the show. I don't really know how others did at the show. I'm sure there will be...
  4. Cazador

    Jigged bone skinner...

    Looks great, Steve. I,too, would have chosen the bottom one.
  5. Cazador

    Knife Steel Nerd - AEBL testing

    Thank you! I really like AEB-L and have been using it for my chef's knives, folders, and smaller edc's. That article, if you can slog through it, was fantastic and very well done.
  6. Cazador

    Blue Amber and Abalone

    Beautiful! Oh and did I say Beautiful! I really like how the abalone looks.
  7. Cazador

    Small burl hunter

    Very Nice!
  8. Cazador

    Fuller scraper?

    I haven't made one yet, but I am a Patreon subscriber to Walter Sorrell. For his Patreon subscribers, and he doesn't limit his posts/plans based on amount of donation, he posted plans on how to make one.
  9. Cazador

    Scaloping front of handle scales question

    what John Doyle and LuciousX5 said.
  10. Cazador

    Damasteel Bushbaby Slip joint

    Beautiful looking knife.
  11. Cazador

    Doc Holiday WIP

    Awesome WIP
  12. Cazador

    A recently completed liner lock

    Thanks guys!
  13. Cazador

    A recently completed liner lock

    Thanks all! Appreciate the comments
  14. Cazador

    A recently completed liner lock

    I thought I had posted this knife when I initially completed it. At that time I wasn't happy with the blade shape nor the fit and finish. So in between orders and other projects I have going on in the shop, I decided to fix most of the issues. I'm pretty please with how things turned out. I made...
  15. Cazador

    Damascus & checkered ironwood folder

    Spectacular knife! The checkering is ridiculous!
  16. Cazador

    Well That's Just Nutz!

  17. Cazador

    A few finished up and some firsts

    Nice Mike!
  18. Cazador

    Feeling a bit better.....and itching to do ANYTHING!

    I'm glad your feeling better and was able to get to the shop. A little side note - One of your videos came up on my You Tube Recommended. It was on correctly applying Tru Oil. Thank you! I wish it would have been recommended months ago :). Continued thoughts, prayers, and smoke for your recovery.
  19. Cazador

    Tapering tangs.

    There's a number of decent You Tube videos on tapering a tang. I can't remember which one I liked the best or I'd attach a link.