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  1. J. Doyle

    Mystery Steel

    What did the sparks look like? Wrought iron sparks are pretty straight, not much crackly/ sparkler/branching. Grind a piece of known high carbon steel or a drill bit or something and compare.
  2. J. Doyle

    Collaboration with Matt Gregory

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate it.
  3. J. Doyle

    Collaboration with Matt Gregory wasn't too much of an issue this time. He wanted to wear the heels anyway....they matched his new purse. :D
  4. J. Doyle

    What flux to use?

    Dry welded with no flux can yield perfectly welded billets.
  5. J. Doyle

    Re heat treat 1095

    Why do you feel that you 'noticed while grinding' it isn't as hard as it should be?
  6. J. Doyle

    Collaboration with Matt Gregory

    Ha....Coop tricked everybody. My knife IS the hamon fileworked coined piece.
  7. J. Doyle

    Collaboration with Matt Gregory

    A couple years ago Matt Gregory and I struck up a conversation (and friendship) and decided that we would get together and collaborate on a knife. Matt came to my shop and we worked together to make a hunting knife in my style. Some of you may remember. Recently I was fortunate enough to host...
  8. J. Doyle

    Even More Questions

    In regards to the depends on the source and the chemical composition. If its low manganese stuff it will be very shallow hardening and require a really fast quench. Steel thickness and blade geometry will play an important role too.
  9. J. Doyle

    Epoxying question for you "seasoned" pros.

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I've said for awhile that acetone causes more issues than it solves.
  10. J. Doyle

    Knifemakers Law..............

    If I drop a screw or pin on the floor I don't even bother looking for it. I figure I can make a new one quicker than I can find the one I dropped! :p:D
  11. J. Doyle

    Missed on the heat treat

    If that's 1075 with low manganese it will be a very shallow hardening steel and canola will be less than optimal.
  12. J. Doyle

    New(ish) tool - Tapmatic

    About one folder's worth of holes. I got mine used for $70 on eBay. But if it broke today I'd be online ordering a brand new one in minutes for full price. Its that valuable to me.
  13. J. Doyle

    Heat treating 1075

    Justin, for good hamon with 1075, keep your austenitizing heat on the low end and your clay thin.
  14. J. Doyle

    Heat treating 1075

    One doesn't need to look very hard to find numerous (dozens, if not more) RECENT reports, some from some very established and capable makers, who have had a laundry list of problems with his steel. Problems include but are not limited to: severe warping issues, hardening problems, tempering...
  15. J. Doyle

    Heat treating 1075

    You've hit the high points. :D The steel is what may throw a wrench in your plans. But yes.....that's where I'd start.
  16. J. Doyle

    Heat treating 1075

    I think that's from his new batch, which I have not personally used but I've gotten a few phone calls from friends and heard other stories of people having issues with it. It wouldn't hurt to thermal cycle, or better, normalize then thermal cycle ANYTHING from Aldo. Or better still, stop buying...
  17. J. Doyle

    Heat treating 1075

    How old is your steel? I mean, have you had it for a while or was it recently purchased from Aldo?
  18. J. Doyle

    Tasmanian blackwood scales & blocks

    You got em. PayPal is jdoyleknives AT gmail DOT com Thank you! Beautiful set of scales.
  19. J. Doyle

    Tasmanian blackwood scales & blocks

    They're yours Gene. My PayPal address is: Jdoyleknives AT gmail DOT com
  20. J. Doyle

    Tasmanian blackwood scales & blocks

    I've got some really nice Tasmanian Blackwood for sale. This is super curly figured stuff. This is natural, not stabilized. It can be stabilized but does not need to be stabilized. This is nearly identical in looks and workability to koa but is a bit harder and denser. Blocks are 2" x 5" x 1"...