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    Modified Bowie - Finished Photos

    Nice Hamon you got on that 1!
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    Kitchen knife for the Wife

    Wow that looks like a great knife right there!!
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    1075 Hamon

    @Justin Presson I can't wait to see the what you got on your blades. I'm gonna try to do another hamon but on a bigger blade like a bowie or something this weekend.
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    1075 Hamon

    @soundmind Well definitely post some pics when you try the hamons
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    1075 Hamon

    Thin clay on the blade and quenched in P50. I used my forge for the heat treat procedure.
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    1075 Hamon

    After seeing @Justin Presson thread on 1075. I thought I would show this 1 I just finished scrubing. Its forged from aldo's new batch. Anyway thanks for looking
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    My biggest challenge yet. Now a WIP

    That looks really good!!
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    My biggest challenge yet. Now a WIP

    Awesome stuff right here!!!!
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    How man that's awesome. I always am on the look out for wrought
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    Mesquite and Osage Orange

    Great looking Knife!!
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    Stabilized curly Koa

    I just got my Koa. These pic's don't do this wood justice. Thanks Gene:)
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    Recent slipjoints

    Nice work man!! I really like it!!
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    Stabilized curly Koa

    I'll take 1, 8, 17
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    Shiny Maple

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    ABS 2019 Spring Great Smoky Mountain Hammer-In

    Where is it and what state is it in?
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    Going small

    Nice work. I really like the pic axe
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    Viking seax in progress

    That came real nice. I like it!!
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    Low layer count damascus

    Looks great!!