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  1. Casey Brown

    Just wanted to update everyone

    Sorry to hear that Ed. Was looking forward to seeing you again. Get yourself well, and there is always next year.
  2. Casey Brown

    Knife Steel Nerd - AEBL testing

    I love his articles. They really explain the science behind the steels.
  3. Casey Brown

    Photo Layering on a new knife

    I used Gimp. There's video's on Youtube to show how to do the layering. I had another one that was more seamless. This one still shows a little line down the middle. The other didn't show shadows on the handle shot, so I stayed with the shadows. It's all a learning process!
  4. Casey Brown

    Photo Layering on a new knife

    I'm trying a layering technique to see how that looks. Please give some feedback and suggestions. I'm consistently trying to adjust my photography techniques. This is a new style knife I'm trying. Stock removal stonewashed 1084 with multi-cam G10 scales.
  5. Casey Brown

    What's going on in your shop?

    Just for info, if you go to Ernie Grospitch's site, he lists a power supply. I got lucky and found a crazy cheap deal on it. It's a really good power supply.
  6. Casey Brown

    Damascus & carved blackwood

    Wow, John. That really looks spectacular.
  7. Casey Brown

    Baffle Pipe Thickness

    I use a 2" square tube (16 Gauge, 0.065" thick), and it works well. However, it does lose thickness due to scale. I currently only use it to heat treat W2 in order to do a soak at temperature. For 1084, I don't use it at all.
  8. Casey Brown

    Coal Iron Works forging presses

    Gene, you might also check out Riverside Machine. I don't have either, but know people who have both presses. The Riverside Machine is cheaper, but I can't speak for quality of either.
  9. Casey Brown

    Kanca Anvils

    Centaur Forge has a 9% off sale on Kanca Anvils going right now. I have the 110lb anvil and love it. Wanted to pass along in case anyone was currently looking for a good deal on an anvil.
  10. Casey Brown

    Fun Year!

    And my newest knife......
  11. Casey Brown

    Fun Year!

    Facebook just showed me that I forged my first forged knife a year ago today. I had done stock removal for about a year before that. Wanted to post that, and my most recent knife. Hopefully, I'll continue to improve over the next year like I did this year.
  12. Casey Brown

    Trying Something New

    Here it is with the handle. Going to take a q-tip and acid etch the tang to blend in the etch. I like it though. It was a quick one to make. It may become one that I may offer.
  13. Casey Brown

    Trying Something New

    Thanks, Ed. I'm playing around with my handle designs to figure out what works best for me.
  14. Casey Brown

    Trying Something New

    I haven't done a stock removal knife now for over a year, and I wanted to try to see if I could make somewhat of a tactical style knife, fairly quickly so to speak. It generally takes me longer to forge something out right now to shape, than it does for me to just cut out the shape on the...
  15. Casey Brown


    I have my forge set up on that exact hf cart. I forge in my garage, so the ability to wheel the forge somewhere is essential to me.
  16. Casey Brown

    Desert Ironwood Hunter

    It is. That's the only way I have put them together so far.
  17. Casey Brown

    What's going on in your shop?

    I just ordered a set! Got the HA Fine grit set. It looks like what was recommended for tool steel. Looking forward to trying them out. Thanks Jeremy for the link.
  18. Casey Brown

    What's going on in your shop?

    I'm intrigued by the use of these machinist stones. Boss, do you have a link to what you bought?
  19. Casey Brown

    Desert Ironwood Hunter

    This is a 1084 Desert Ironwood Hunter with 416 SS and Nickel-Silver multi-layer guard. It is my third hidden tang knife.
  20. Casey Brown

    Certified Rockwell C sample...

    I actually called to get an estimate on getting my tester calibrated, and it was about 3 times the cost of a new machine.