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  1. BossDog

    Finishing the spine spine advice?

    At some point to improve your fit and finish, you have to switch to hand finishing. A dremel is a great tool in certain circumstances but it butchers a knife compared to hand sanding when used in final finishing.
  2. BossDog

    Replica Knife

    that is nice all the way.
  3. BossDog

    How to Quote previous statements

    This part I didn’t know. Nice and it’s on an iPad.
  4. BossDog

    Handle thickness?

    Over all handle thickness varies by knife application of course. A kitchen knife handle of 1" thick overall is really nice. A big bad bowie with sculpted handles is around 1.5" thick and some will say they make them thicker than that. Most handle thickness wants to be in the 1&1/4" to 1&3/8"...
  5. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    About the same as learning to make a knife. After a couple hundred hours - which isn't that much. You should be able to engrave something that is passable. Keep in mind there are several types of engraving: traditional scroll which I am working on, Western Bright Cut (think cowboy buckles)...
  6. BossDog

    Greetings from Maple Grove, MN

    Hi Tim. If you haven’t already look at Facebook Midwest Knifemaker Guild page. We have our first meeting coming up April 27 here in Mankato. You will meet several other local makers and we will start planning more activities.
  7. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    I find it amazingly enjoyable. It is a competition with yourself on every single stroke. The microscope blocks everything out and your field of view is at most 1” square. It takes a very small footprint which is nice. I use a small desk in my office. Feedback is instant. You cut the line...
  8. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    Nice job with that folder.
  9. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    More practice. Probably time to put something on a knife.
  10. BossDog

    New(ish) tool - Tapmatic

    I use a TACO brand tapping head. I too would order another one instantly if it broke.
  11. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    Done. Pretty scratchy. That's why it's practice.
  12. vid-inlay.mp4


    practice #engraving with gold inlay
  13. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    still plugging along. The blue dots are where some back ground needs to come out. It's stupidly easy to remove the wrong thing looking through a microscope. Here is a start with back ground stippled. There are some missing elements I need to add and some additional spots to remove. The back...
  14. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    Gold is punched in. Gold cleaned up and 2nd cut done. Now to relieve the back ground and then shading. And these came in today. Going out with purchases.
  15. BossDog

    Replacing A Glass Platen

    we use a propane torch to soften the JB weld, carefully peel it off and flip it over to use the back side.
  16. BossDog

    304 bolsters?

    no difference. pin stock is just a nick name for small diameter round stock.
  17. BossDog

    Fillet Knife advice

    .060” to .075” thick The flex of a fillet is not from a softer hardness. It is from a thinner blade. Heat treat as normal for what ever steel you are using.
  18. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    ready for gold inlay
  19. BossDog

    304 bolsters?

    It’s ornery stuff to drill too. One issue is trying to find 304 pin stock to match. 416 pin stock will not match it when blending.
  20. BossDog

    Is Cryo necessary for AEB-L?

    Many times and it’s just not worth the potential issues.