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    Glue Up Mistake

    I've done what Ed described and it worked for me. Just be sure you don't exceed your tempering temperature. Doug
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    Black gold dagger

    WOW!!!:oops: Doug
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    Question on 52100

    Thanks for the reply. I'll come back and read it a few times and let it settle into the gray matter. Doug
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    Damascus and carved blackwood gambler's bowie...

    Love the sculpting on the handle, the blued collar, the blade, the whole thing. Mr. Scott made a great looking sheath for it too. Doug
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    Question on 52100

    Kevin, this is for you as you asked. You posted that 52100 needs to be spherodized, due to it's chromium content which it will do better than 1095. I guess what through me is it wasn't clear what would be better than 1095. Doug
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    52100 steel

    Ok, Kevin. Call me dense. Tell me I shouldn't stay up past my bedtime but I'm a little confused with "not only does this steel need to be spheroidized, due to the chromium content it will do so much better than say 1095 would." Does that mean that the chromium content dictates that it needs...
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    Tried a few new things

    You may have to learn to tell people that you don't do that (whatever it is) even though it is hard when you are dealing with a close friend or a family member. Doug
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    Shipping for steel

    You can get 1075/1080 (same steel just a range in carbon content) from Admiral Steel in Chicago. I assume that would be closer to you. Doug
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    Tried a few new things

    The original gut hook was just a notch in the spine of the blade to catch the bail of a coffee pot that was sitting on the camp fire. If you hunt and you bag a deer give it a try. It will probably fill up with hair on you and not open the abdominal cavity. There is a gizmo for that sort of...
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    52100 steel

    I've forged it before and I take it up to yellow and stop hammering when it gets down to orange. Not the easiest steel to heat treat without a regulated high temperature oven because it takes a bit of a soak, 5-10 minutes, at about 1550°-1575°. Remember that temperature is more critical at...
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    third attempt at an integeral bolster,,,

    Yes a milling machine might make the final forming of the bolster easier but you can do the same thing with files. I would choose one with a safe edge so as not to cut into steel that I wouldn't want to remove. Just remember that power machines can make grinding and machining quicker but they...
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    ALL knives, regardless of style, should,,,

    I would avoid the obvious, like the point should face away from the user;). The blade should also be flat which is probably another way of saying that the point should be in line with the handle. About the only other thing I can think of, without being a smart ars is that the steel should be...
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    Just being too picky?

    Yes, I would believe that any excess Tru-oil would turn into a gummy mess on African Blackwood. All I do is sand the wood until it looks shiny and then buff it with a wheel. I don't even put wax on it. Doug
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    Spalted pecan scales

    You lucked out with getting scales like that. I hope you make an equally good looking blade to mount them on. Doug
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    Blue Amber and Abalone

    That's a work of art! Doug
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    Youth Hunter

    I really like the burlap Micarta. Great job on a nice user. Doug
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    New knife that needs critique

    The point is going to depend on what you want the knife for. To me that broad rounded point would make a great skinner that is less likely to pierce the hide than a blade with a more acute point. As far as cutting away stained leather for a stitching groove, I avoid it by staining the sheath...
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    Howdy from The People's Republic of Illinois

    Welcome, we'll give you all the help that we can. Doug
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    Damascus & carved blackwood

    Superb! Doug
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    My biggest challenge yet. Now a WIP

    I'm glad that you got rid of the narrow waist with the teeth. I think that the teeth detract from the appearance of a knife in general and a dagger in specific. If your friend is old enough that he was in Nam I think that he would be rated as combat ineffective but I hope he enjoys the final...