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  1. EdCaffreyMS

    Website Critique

    I like the overall layout, and the "feel" of the website..... However, you've gotta do better quality photos. If you do them yourself, it doesn't come quickly or easily, but it's something you MUST do/have. NOTHING will make or break a knife website quicker then the quality of the images...
  2. EdCaffreyMS

    Help identifying the maker of this knife

    DITTO!! Not trying to hijack the thread, but it's sad when a maker doesn't have enough foresight mark their work in such as way that the knife/maker is identifiable.
  3. EdCaffreyMS

    Finally able to get back in the shop!!!

    I understand Kev! For me it's just so frustrating. I think it's because NOTHING is predictable anymore. Some days I can get away with doing a few things, and like you said..... if I do just a tad too much, I'm hosed the next day. Even going to bed at night is a crapshoot. Sometimes I...
  4. EdCaffreyMS

    Neck knife WIP gift

    Personally, I'd be inclined to narrow the blade a bit if using kydex for a sheath. On that design, the "pinch point" for holding the knife in place will be at the rear of the edge/grind..... the wider the blade, the more you'll have to play with the tension of the pinch point to get the amount...
  5. EdCaffreyMS

    Kydex Sheath Help needed.

    There is definitely a learning curve associated with kydex. I've done that "shiny side out" thing a time or two. :) I took your pic and used it to give you my input.... For that particular blade shape/style, I would trim the sheath along the white line (making its more smooth than my...
  6. EdCaffreyMS

    Kydex Sheath Help needed.

    Something to be aware of when it comes to kydex..... Things always work out better when a knife is designed/built with a kydex sheath in mind. Designs like in your picture are super difficult to work well with kydex. Kydex is all about "pinch points" (that's how it holds items in...
  7. EdCaffreyMS

    Try #2

    Hat's off you ya! I gnash my teeth every time I have to make a sheath. Things might be better when I get a bit healthier, and am able to use the Tippmann, but overall..... I just hate dead cow hide. :)
  8. EdCaffreyMS

    New Controller for Bader III

    Currently that's the best, most reliable choice you can make in a VFD. ;)
  9. EdCaffreyMS

    Comparing Grinders. the 2x72 type

    Even though I specifically stated that I was using the images only to illustrate a point, and because you chose to be so offended, I've deleted my posts.
  10. EdCaffreyMS

    Finally finished one.

    Sounds like your on top of it! Even after all these years of building flippers, I've come to realize that each one creates its own challenges in terms of "action". To be totally honest, that's part of the enjoyment for me.... always a challenge or two to overcome. :)
  11. EdCaffreyMS

    Considering a sewing machine for sheaths

    My decision was between the Cobra and the Tippman... and it finally came down to me realizing that the Cobra was way more than I needed, and would likely be way over my head. Have you had any problems getting support/talking to anyone at Cobra? I ask, because a large part of my decision was...
  12. EdCaffreyMS

    New knife that needs critique

    Nope! Not at all. It's more attention to detail.... which just means more time and effort.;)
  13. EdCaffreyMS

    Radio Reception In The Shop

    Radio reception!?!? What about TV reception? :) I usually listen to Klove when in the shop, but due to the LED lighting I installed last year, getting it via radio is impossible....the light interfere. So I installed the "Tune In" app on my shop computer....and have it running through the...
  14. EdCaffreyMS

    New knife that needs critique

    Speaking to the knife, I would say you're doing well, but need attention design, and more so to detail. The "belly" of the blade to the tip should be a bit flatter (not such a big roll) it is, the use of the tip/point is very limited. Next, the detail in the plunge cuts.... they are very...
  15. EdCaffreyMS

    Grizzly G0704 Drill Mill with Stand for $680 shipped!!

    It done....the price is back to normal...... so we can all take a deep breath, and go back to our regularly scheduled programming. :)
  16. EdCaffreyMS

    Grizzly G0704 Drill Mill with Stand for $680 shipped!!

    HOLY BUCKETS! That is a steal, especially with the free shipping! If anyone is every considering.....jump on it before the price goes back to normal! I plastered that link on the KnifemakerTraining site, and a couple of others! Best deal I've ever seen on a mill like that.
  17. EdCaffreyMS

    First Dovetail bolster

    I had to come and look to figure out what "beveled bolster" meant. :) Most often that's referred at as a "Dovetailed Bolster". Generally the best angle to use is 30 degrees..... I have a cast iron disc sander in the shop that is locked in at 30 degrees, and it's sole purpose is for...
  18. EdCaffreyMS

    Finally able to get back in the shop!!!

    Hi Craig! And the darn furnace in the finish shop is broken down. The induced draft blower went out, and even though I ordered the parts a week ago, they won't be here until Tuesday.....just in time for the thing to warm up. :rolleyes: I paid dearly for working on the anvil! I ended up...
  19. EdCaffreyMS

    Trying Something New

    Thin the swells in the middle a bit.... and thicken those in at the rear. When creating a knife handle, always keep in mind that the human hand (when you wrap your hand around/grip something) is smallest where the index finger grips, and the most open where the pinky grips..... design your...
  20. EdCaffreyMS

    Identify wood

    I agree with John. The grain is certainly maple