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  1. Retroguy

    Neck knife WIP gift

    I'm going to make a neck knife for my son, he hikes and likes to climb mountains in NH. So of course I want to make it light as possible with still some function. I really like the designs that have a little finger grip to pull it out of the sheath. This is what I have so far. Also I have .08...
  2. Retroguy

    Kydex Sheath Help needed.

    Ok this isn't one of those "great attempt" type posts. I mucked it up. This is my first sheath. At first the sheath was really bad, then I adjusted a few things and made it worse. I thought it looked pretty at first, nice tight shape, I pulled the knife out and when I put it back in , the knife...
  3. Retroguy

    Bringing Damascus pattern back.

    After sanding, what is the best way to bring Damascus back. I have some test pieces I want to try? I have ferric chloride, apple cider vinegar on hand. I tried soaking in straight FC but it seem to darken the whole piece. I left it in for about 3 -5 minutes. I can't seem to find find any videos...
  4. Retroguy

    Whiskey Barrel and Resin Scale

    I used a full white liner on the back of these as recommended in my last thread to stabilize the two different materials. My last attempt failed. I am working on a hunting knife that may wear these. I don't have a great deal of experience shining up resin so I practiced a little bit on these...
  5. Retroguy

    Kydex sheet thickness?

    I'm going to build a kydex press and noticed the sheets are different thicknesses. I saw .08, .06 , I think I even saw a .11. I am not sure the popularity of this method on this forum but was wondering what I should buy for skinners/bushcraft styles.
  6. Retroguy

    Lanyard on an Axe handle?

    Ok, probably not a good idea, but what are some of the unique uses of a lanyard? I can see on a neck knife for some extra grip. I don't hunt so I was wondering if there is a purpose on a hunting knife or larger knifes.
  7. Retroguy

    Spacer question!

    Can a spacer be placed between two pieces of wood to make up a full scale or does that create a week link? or will it be structurally ok if there are sufficient pins in place on both sides? Consider that green line being a spacer.
  8. Retroguy

    Knife sharpening system for noobie?

    This may be a controversial topic but I'll ask anyway. Any recommendations for someone with no experience in sharpening knifes? I was a butcher for decades but our knifes were always sent out, and it's not the same as the first time. So keep in mind My sharpening experience is in the type of...
  9. Retroguy

    First attempt- wood/resin scale.

    I have seen some beautiful worthless wood and resin scales. I never even heard of the term "worthless wood"before that. The problem is if you don't have access to worthless wood, it's expensive. Go figure! Anyway I decided to get a piece of zebra wood and create a worthless wood/ live edge feel...
  10. Retroguy

    Heard it through the grapevine.

    Pun intended. I have seen Scales made out of grapevine and resin. I really like the look and would like to try it. Anybody have a clue where to get dried grapevine? We do have some grape orchards in this state. I was thinking of cal one. Truthfully I don't even if it's the vine or the root.
  11. Retroguy

    Anybody proficient with a bandsaw?

    I was given a small craftsman bandsaw. It doesn't appear to scroll to well, even trying to do mild turns. I have thin and thicker blades. Does that mean the blade is too loose? I really don't seem to see any adjustment to loosen or tighten the blade. Btw I'm cutting wood for knifescales, not metal.
  12. Retroguy

    Table for benchtop table saw.

    I am buying a bench top table saw this weekend and built this lockable roller table for it. I never like the stands that come with the saws. It cost me about 45 dollars. Maybe I could have done it cheaper but I gave no effort into trying to save money. I am going to use it to cut scales and...
  13. Retroguy

    Two completed Skinners

    I feel like I am getting a little more confidence and bleeding less, even with the Little Tikes tools I have. Mostly thanks to this forum and your patience with my beginner questions. These are fraternal twins. They are both 6 1/4 inch in length, one has an exotic wood handle that I paid $$ for...
  14. Retroguy

    Sheath making a must?

    As I look forward to selling a few knifes, i guess it’s premature. Should I be making sheaths also. If so, should I do leather or Kydex? Or should I ask which is easier to learn?
  15. Retroguy

    Whiskey Barrel Scales made on chop Saw.

    First time making scales. I don't have a table saw. After squaring off ends of a stave I double sticker taped it to a 2x4. This gave me a little distance from the blade. I have some flat sanding to do , but overall happy I still have all my digits. And man do they smell good. .
  16. Retroguy

    Cleaning off carbon after HT

    If I want to keep the ht color , I am assuming the darker sometimes flakier part still needs to come off. How would I do that without sanding it? I made sure to post a blurry picture to help you understand. Although I already sanded the bevel again so I think I did it bass ackwoods. I’m doi
  17. Retroguy

    Don’t do that!

    Would appreciate any safety tips. I have learned through experience to clamp down blade while drilling, respirator , eye protection, ya know the basics. Are there any sneaky ones that I need to be aware of.
  18. Retroguy

    Damascus knifes 29.95?

    What are folks buying when they purchase full knifes and sheath advertised for 30 bucks on Etsy or other sites?
  19. Retroguy

    If a hole is off a little!!!

    When a hole for a pin it's off a little. So now one way of fixing it, I am assuming, is to make that hole an oval and make sure epoxy fills the gap. FIrst , would folks continue with the knife or scrap it. So how do I make the oval. It seems when I tried to drill a hole really close, the bit...
  20. Retroguy

    The bread and butter of knifemakers?

    I am far from selling but was curious if there are basic designs ( hunter, bushcraft, droppoint etc. ) and commonly used materials that sell better?