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  1. wmhammond

    Just off of my bench

    1075 hand sanded to 1500 grit with a Hamon. Handle is stabilied & dyed Buckeye Burl. The sheath is hand dyed and stitched vegetable tanned with Ostrich Leg accents.
  2. wmhammond

    DLC Coating

    Morning. Saw a knife this morning on Facebook from either Europe or South America that the blade has been coated with Diamond Like Coating (DLC) - it looked pretty good. Does anyone have any experience with this process. Things like, Who does it, How much does it cost, does it improve the...
  3. wmhammond

    Welding Damascus

    Afternoon. I have a short piece if 1 1/2" wide Damasteel and a couple of short pieces of Alabama Damascus. The Damasteel is about 4" long and I could make a decent Fixed Blade Hidden Tang (or, I guess, a full tang) knife outta it if I could weld a piece of CPM-154 stainless to it. If I did that...
  4. wmhammond

    North Woods Hunter

    Here is my most recent completed knife. It is a knife that I specifically made to be a Hunting Knife - I call it a North Woods Hunter. The blade is made from Alabama Damascus and has a stabilized Spalted Maple handle with matching bobs on the leather thong. The Knife is 10" long and comes with a...
  5. wmhammond

    A-36 Mild Steel

    Any reason A-36 mild steel should not be used for guards, fittings, etc. I have a source and will use it unless there is a reason I shouldn't. Thanks, Wallace
  6. wmhammond

    SK5 Japanese steel

    Does any body know where I can source some SK5 japanese High Carbon steel? Yhanks Wallace
  7. wmhammond

    Hamon, Hamon, Hamon . . . . . . .

    Hey guys, need a little help. I need some advice from some of you guys that know what you're doing with Hamons. What should I do now? I love the action in this hamon but I hate the definition. My inclination is to sand it down and re-etch it. I think I left it in the etch too long. Here is what...
  8. wmhammond

    Heat treat question

    Morning guys. I use a propane forge with a steel baffle and a thermocouple to heat treat. I have been positioning my knife in the baffle and then lighting the forge and bring it up to critical temp. My question is this: Should I bring my forge up to critical temp. and then put my knife in or is...
  9. wmhammond

    Last one of the year

    Just managed to finish one for me this year after I got my Christmas orders done. Another hand shaped handle with a blade with a pretty good Hamon. Early American style with a "Swashbuckling" handle. Think I'm gonna keep this one. Blade is 4" long of W-2 steel. The guard is W-2 and "coined"...
  10. wmhammond

    Revolutionary War Fighter?

    Lots of hours in this one. This incredable blade is Feather Damascus made of over 30,000 layers, that's right, over 30,000 layers of 1095 and 15N20 made by Jin Blauvelt of Taftville, CT. The handle and the display stand are made of Wych Elm Burl from my friend Jonathan Leech in Scotland and the...
  11. wmhammond

    Can't remember . . .

    Guys, could someone remind me of one or two of the guys who post here that do professional knife photography. I can't remember a single name but I know there are several guys that post here who are fantastic. Thanks, Wallace
  12. wmhammond

    Can't remember . . . . .

    Guys, could someone remind me of one or two of the guys who post here that do professional knife photography. I can't remember a single name but I know there are several guys that post here who are fantastic. Thanks, Wallace
  13. wmhammond

    Knife Display Case

    Hey, Guys, Been working on this knife display case for a couple of weeks. Needed someplace to "warehouse" my unsold inventory, It's Knotty Alder, Honey Minwax penetrating stain, sanded to 400 grit and sprayed on Tru Oil finish.
  14. wmhammond

    Darkening Stainless Steel

    Anyone know of a process or product that will darken or blacken stainless steel? :les: Thanks Wallace
  15. wmhammond

    The Mysteries of the Hamon

    Morning Gents. Seeking a little help on a Hamon issue. I use almost exclusively 1075 or W-2 when I am making a hamon. I take the heat up to the 1450* - 1465* range and always quench in Parks 50. My polish procedure does vary but I don't think that's the problem. Here are examples of of three...
  16. wmhammond

    A little help please

    Which one of the CPM high carbon tool steels will produce the best Hamon. I have been using W-2 and 1075 (like 1075 the best) but I can't find any in 5/32" thickness so I guess I'm going to find something else. I appreciate all opinions. Thanks, Wallace
  17. wmhammond

    Need a Feather Pattern Damascus billet

    Morning guys. I have an order for a hidden tang Damascus Feather pattern Hunter. Man wants a 5" blade and wants a really delicate "lacey" feather pattern made by an American Maker. Billet needs to be about 8" long by 1 3/4" - 2" wide by 5/32" thick. Anybody wants to supply this billet please PM...
  18. wmhammond

    Funny little problem

    I've made a couple of kitchen knives for a lady here in my neighborhood and she asked me to make her a magnetic knife hanger. I said OK, but I didn't like the idea of those magnets scratching up my blades so I paddle drilled for a row of 1" neodymium magnets to rest under a really thin piece of...
  19. wmhammond

    Bolsters & Guards

    Morning. What high carbon steel (not stainless) do you guys use for making bolsters and guards - particularly guards and where do you buy it? Thanks, Wallace