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    surfice grinder from 2x72

    I have one and i really like it. Much cheaper than the tw version. As long as you use fresh belts it can hold a half thousands over 8 inches. It is not compatible with every grinder. I can say it works on a kmg. The belt isnt perfectly centered on the wheels but its not a problem. You just need...
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    Finally finished one.

    Wow that looks great. Sorry no tips here i have never made one. Ekim knives has a great series on youtube about flippers. I would check that out. He has a couple videos on that subject.
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    Gents liner lock WIP

    This is a cool thread. I look forward to seeing it progress. Thanks for the tips
  4. Stang Bladeworks

    Where To Get New Logo And Stencils

    I also use Ernie and i have been pleased with the results.
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    Tried out my new mill

    Thats awesome. A mill is on my short list of tools to get for sure. Have fun.
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    First Grind -TW90

    Thats a sweet machine. Its pricey but im sure its worth it.
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    Lock back whittler

  8. Stang Bladeworks

    I was warned this could happen.....

    That sucks good luck. I agree that salvage is a better option. Might as well give it a try first. Worst case scenario you damage the handle and then you have to remove it. I really like using removable handles for this reason.
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    Question for the mods

    Thanks for the advice. I kind of just decided on a whim to do this one. So far alot of people have helped me spread it around. I will look into this. Maybe before i do another one ill shoot you a message to pick your brain if thats ok.
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    Question for the mods

    Thanks. Much appreciated.
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    Recent slipjoints

    I have not. I dont have a mill and i havent attempted it with a dremel yet. Its on my list of features to add. As well as nail nicks.
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    Recent slipjoints

    Thanks Chris
  13. Stang Bladeworks

    Recent slipjoints

    I hear you. For what its worth they are not too bad once you get started and there are alot of great resources. I have started my own tutorial on blade forums. Its still in progress but if anyone is interested i can link it here. Im no expert but its aimed at helping someone through their first one.
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    For sale - Fixed Blade Charity Auction

    Current bid is $320
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    Recent slipjoints

  16. Stang Bladeworks

    Question for the mods

    Hi. I have been enjoying the forums this last year or so but lately i have been having some trouble. I posted a charity auction knife in an attempt to raise money for the stollery childrens hospital. I have been told on more than one forum now that that is not allowed. My question is: can i post...
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    Recent slipjoints

    Thanks. They are posted in the reverse order i completed them in. All the feedback is very appreciated.
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    Recent slipjoints

    Thanks. The brass is the most challenging so far. It would be much easier with a mill.
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    Recent slipjoints

    Th Thank you. They are fun to make but they can be challenging. I hope to move on to more complex designs soon.