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  1. C Craft

    Edge damage question.

    I hate to say it but there has never been truer words spoken!!
  2. C Craft

    Is this Digital pyrometer any good??

    What I am trying to do is check a couple of installed thermocouples and PID units for true readings, so to speak!! That way if they are reading off I can re-calibrate the reading. That is why I want to build an accurate portable unit!!! Come to think of it I have a thermocouple very similar to...
  3. C Craft

    Is this Digital pyrometer any good??

    I am looking for a good digital pyrometer for reading temp. Something I can move around to double check temp readings I am getting! Is this any good!! Or should I be looking for something else! Yes, I realize this one is supposed to be for use with a kiln. Finding one that will read high temps...
  4. C Craft

    Passing Of a fellow Knife Maker..RIP Lee lbcustomsknives

    Sorry to hear! RIP I did not know him personally but I remember the name. Is there a picture of him?? I have been trying to put the name to a face!!
  5. C Craft

    The Fix

    Cazador, this statement was not directed at you or your customer service!! Early in my knife making I ended up with such a wood tip on a knife design. I have worked with wood all my life, and did not like the idea of that area. So I re-worked the design of the handle to get rid of it. Now that...
  6. C Craft

    The Fix

    Nice fix. That is something I have thought about every since is saw the first knife with a handle such as that one!! In fact I mentioned that very problem in a thread a while back! I have always wondered how many of them ended up the same way after the customer got them!!
  7. C Craft

    Kitchen knives my son made

    Gene he is a natural, with immense talent!
  8. C Craft

    Old U.S.N Mark 2 knife

    Here is thread on the subject. It gets hijacked in the middle but gets back on track towards the end!!! OK the more I read the more I think this knife may have been made by Ka-bar, so that thread...
  9. C Craft

    1084 With Hamon Completed

    OP, real nice work. There is something about the blade shape that says this one is "bad @$$"!
  10. C Craft

    A couple for me

    Real nice Gruff!
  11. C Craft

    Post here for design critique.

    Casey this knife reminds me of a Randall knife!! Take a look at this site and you will see what I am speaking of!! The older works actually done by him are slightly different but similar to your knife!! Two thumbs up on this one!!
  12. C Craft

    Post here for design critique.

    The choil is the funny little hole in the blade edge, just before the ricasso! refer to this In your picture it would be where someone re-drew the edge and the upsidesoU
  13. C Craft

    1075 quench...

    Now there is a nice tidbit to file away for future reference! That one is real nice Steve!!
  14. C Craft

    Post here for design critique.

    That is the perfect choke up to use when skinning that delicate area with too large a knife, or one that has gotten too gushy! And yes their is such a word!! The words I underline all fit for the meaning!! gush·y [ˈɡəSHē] ADJECTIVE excessively effusive. "her gushy manner" synonyms...
  15. C Craft

    Post here for design critique.

    John that is the funniest thing I have heard in a while!!
  16. C Craft

    File Work Lol

    What out for the puns!! I am impressed, now you got to finish them and see how good a job you did!! So far very good work Kev!!!
  17. C Craft

    Best hunting knife steel.

    Justin I will tell you this you can get no better advice than from Kevin Cashen about anything to do with metallurgy and/or knife making. So listen, read and listen and read it again. Kevin has really got good at dumbing down the info so even I can understand it!!! You have heard the old...
  18. C Craft

    Now I am really gonna mess some stuff up!!!

    I will tell you this about Cactus Juice. Once you pull the vacuum, be sure to not let is sit in the solution, like a month, or more!! :eek: I was told by the Cactus Juice guy that sometime the act of pulling the vacuum on the mixed chemicals it will harden on it's own. I know cause now I have...
  19. C Craft

    Chip out tactics

    Back the piece, sharp bit and easy on the pressure when it is about to cut thru!! Another thing I have done is clamp the scales on the handle and drill the hole with a small bit first. Then drill the scales on both sides with a larger size bit from the outside to inside. That way if you get...
  20. C Craft

    1st San Mai Billet

    Ken, Success right out of the gate. But then I don't expect less from you!!