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  1. BossDog

    Gents liner lock WIP

    This WIP will be slow. It's going to start out as an entirely hand made liner lock. Once I make a few and like the design, I'll move it over to CNC. I am looking to make a slim, small gents liner lock with bolsters. I have not even looked at what the pocket clip will be. That can wait. I start...
  2. BossDog

    Edge damage question.

    Personally, I would repair or replace it without question. If it happened again, I'd refund it and not give the option to repair it or let them buy another one. Like it or not, clients have the option of buying a $30 knife anywhere that will cut just as well. Maybe it won't hold the edge as long...
  3. BossDog

    White Liner issue

    All white takes a lot of work. I don't buff it with any compound. If I buff, I buff it dry or with wax only. I have used thin superglue to seal things up with moderate success and I switch to blonde colored sand paper. J. Doyle, nice knife.
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    Hi Brian.
  5. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    Here is some one set of stones. I notice there are a couple of other different types in this link but the same grit. I expect some are more friable, some less. The ones I tried wore down fairly...
  6. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    Way too much hand sanding. If I could grind the lines better free hand or even with a work rest I could have saved some time. Anyway, ready for heat treat. Handle is turned, end pommel is roughed out, front guard is fitted but all need finish work. I'm going to weld a bolt on the end of the tang...
  7. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    spent a little time today on my Gladious. I trimmed down the front brass guard fixture and inlaid it into the front guard wood. This is still all pretty rough at this point and this wood (thuya burl) really chips out easily. I will definitely pick a more sturdy wood for the next one. This one...
  8. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    spent a little time on my gladious today. I didn't have a wood chisel that would fit into the tang slot on some wood so I had to make one quick and dirty. It worked fine. Good use for the height gage. I had milled and then hand filed the slot to go over the ricasso. This brass piece will be...
  9. BossDog

    Soft versus Hard Steel

    Probably this has thread has run it's course. It has devolved into witty sarcasm and I'm not comfortable with that. EnvroDaren has been very respectful here and I appreciate that. I don't see a way to monetize the by products of this process any way other than canister damascus that has a cool...
  10. BossDog

    Assisted openers - different examples

    I'm on a mission to try some different type assisted and auto openers. Post pic's of your examples here. This one has a sliding button on the side to change it from an auto to a manual opener. In manual mode, the blade is still fired by the spring when it moves past the cam lock position, you...
  11. BossDog

    What's going on in your shop?

    a little file work today to square up the shoulders and the plunge lines. I have some wood picked out for the handle. These traditionally had round handles so I bought a HF wood lathe on sale with a 20% off coupon. I haven't turned any wood on a lathe since 8th grade. It should come right back...
  12. BossDog

    Titanium Frame Lock Wharncliffe

    And I meant to ask, how did you cut the lock bar and mill the relief with no mill?
  13. BossDog

    Titanium Frame Lock Wharncliffe

    Great post. I can feel your pain on those tiny misses in what can go wrong. I carry all my mistakes as self punishment. It’s good motivation to get another one done and put that one in a drawer with the other corpses.
  14. BossDog

    Copper bollstered bowie WIP

    Nice one.
  15. BossDog

    CNC WIP - small flipper.

    This is the last two of these. I'll be starting a new design next. I made around 16 of these. Some sold, some given away to pay back old favors, one traded for one of my older folders and the rest I'll just add to my collection until I get another table at a knife show. I'll start a new thread...
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    Nice to see Bill back at it again. He called the other day just to catch up. Great hearing from you Bill. t
  17. BossDog

    Whiskey Barrel and Resin Scale

    I like those. A few years back my wife and I toured a few whiskey distilleries in Tennessee. I always wanted to try some of their oak. Does it still have an odor of whiskey?
  18. BossDog

    Anyone got any internal pics of a dual action?

    good one. Thanks for the help. that one is buildable and seems to be more robust than the bent wire versions. I do like the lateral release vs a button or lever.
  19. BossDog

    Beaumont Horizontal Grinder For sale

    Basically, these are used to clean up profiles to 90 degrees. They are also used for contours that fit the small wheels (1/4" to 2") for handle shapes. I would not be without one. I have another and don't need two.
  20. BossDog

    CNC WIP - small flipper.

    I haven't run the CNC in a couple of weeks. The holidays didn't help shop time and I had a bunch of parts ready to go. I've completed around a dozen of these so far. I've sold a few and given away a few. I even traded one for one of my older folders from a buddy of mine. I have a couple left...