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  1. John Wilson

    Oregonian Here

  2. John Wilson


    welcome, Brian. We have a good number of MO makers here
  3. John Wilson

    Edge damage question.

    My thoughts exactly. This looks like a pull through sharpener to me. I also expressly tell my customers not to use a Steel on the blade. A Steel is fine on a 58Rc european kitchen knife but has no place being used on a thin 61-62Rc blade.
  4. John Wilson

    The Fix

    Great save!
  5. John Wilson

    Passing Of a fellow Knife Maker..RIP Lee lbcustomsknives

    Buffer accidents seem to be a huge percentage of the injuries and deaths that we hear about. I have a cheap little HF buffer and that thing has snatched several knives out of my hand faster than my brain could process what happened. The thought of a big, powerful machine with a big, soft...
  6. John Wilson

    Passing Of a fellow Knife Maker..RIP Lee lbcustomsknives

    Please don’t misinterpret this as morbid curiosity, far from it. But when I hear that a veteran maker has a tragic shop accident I have to believe that there is value in sharing what happened (at least in broad, general terms) so that we can all learn from it and avoid repeating it.
  7. John Wilson

    My biggest challenge yet

    I completely agree
  8. John Wilson

    A couple for me

    Those are excellent, Gruff.
  9. John Wilson

    Old U.S.N Mark 2 knife

    Great info, Gary!
  10. John Wilson

    Old U.S.N Mark 2 knife

    A number of companies were awarded military contracts during the war. So even if Kabar had been the original designer, once accepted into the supply system the gov't could go out and have multiple vendors supply it to meet demand. For instance, the Singer Sewing Machine Company made a great...
  11. John Wilson

    Soft versus Hard Steel

    Yeah, but now you don’t have any waste to generate a secondary revenue stream.
  12. John Wilson

    So I need a camera!!

    So so true. My experience was that if the end product was a digital file, it made no sense to do all of the extra work to get there when the same result could be had with the touch of a button. Scanning film sucks. Seriously sucks. Like you, I loved the process of film. Watching images...
  13. John Wilson

    Soft versus Hard Steel

    Some of the metal I scrounged is suspiciously warm to the touch, all the time. If you put two pieces close together the hairs on your arms wiggle. But you didn’t hear that from me.
  14. John Wilson

    Soft versus Hard Steel

    Justin, since you’re helping John with the NASA project let me caution you. Those NASA knobs are always going on about traceability of components and blah blah blah. Make sure you print out the Paypal receipt for my metal scrap along with a picture of me handing it to you. That ought to be...
  15. John Wilson

    Soft versus Hard Steel

    Sure thing. Might want to wash your hands after handling the scraps, unless you just like your chicken wings to taste like PETN and Thermite. You may want the steel I made from the secondary process. Some are tiny but I’ll save the good stuff for you (the canister damascus I made from soup...
  16. John Wilson

    Soft versus Hard Steel

    Thanks, but I’m shifting hobbies. I’m going to start making industrial diamond dust. But rather than use engineered pipe with known pressure ratings for containment, I’m going to scour trash bins and junkyards for anything that looks like a pressure vessel. Because knowing the characteristics...
  17. John Wilson

    So I need a camera!!

    I can relate. it is a perishable skill, just like shooting. In photography, it seems like I took a little break and then the fire went out. I lost my passion for it. Serious photography is a lot of work, and truth be told, I never enjoyed the photo editing part of it. When film died so...
  18. John Wilson

    So I need a camera!!

    I completely agree with Andre. There is not a single DSLR camera made in the last 15 years thst isn’t good enough. If all your pictures are destined for the web anyway, megapixels are a moot point and anything over 7MP is working against you. Andre made a great point here. A great lens makes...
  19. John Wilson

    Best hunting knife steel.

    I hear blown up hazmat contaminated pipe shrapnel mystery metal is pretty cool