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  1. Raymond Richard

    Cal, I no longer have email or an email address. Maybe next year. Ray

    Cal, I no longer have email or an email address. Maybe next year. Ray
  2. Raymond Richard

    "Knife or Death" Ronin War Sword

    James, I had not heard of "Knife or Death" until I discovered it by accident several weeks ago. My first thought was about you and your "Carcass Splitter". Congratulations! Are you going to be a contestant? How was "Blade West"?
  3. Raymond Richard

    Just wanted to update everyone

    Ed, Had no idea your health had taken a turn for the worse. Glade to hear they have come up with a treatment plan and I pray that it works and you'll be back on your feet soon. Will keep you in my prayers.......
  4. Raymond Richard

    Royal Impala

    Thanks for the kind words. Working with the impala horn depends so much on the shape and size of the horn itself. Every knife I have made for the last 20 years has been through tangs. Not even sure I could do a full tang knife anymore. Cal, I did try cutting a piece of the musk ox horn but...
  5. Raymond Richard

    Royal Impala

    This knife was a royal pain. First time using a piece of impala horn. The blade was part of another knife I assembled at least 15 years ago. It just didn't look right in the configuration it was in before and there were times I wish I had left it alone. The older I get I find if I take to long a...
  6. Raymond Richard

    Z-Tuff Chopper

    Is the mule still alive?
  7. Raymond Richard

    Wayne Goddard, My good friend

    has passed away. . I was informed late yesterday afternoon that he passed earlier in the day. Haven't heard anything else.
  8. Raymond Richard

    Where do you buy small square stock 1084

    How small are you looking for? This outfit carries 1080 in square and hexagone:
  9. Raymond Richard

    My First Student?

    Please have your student wear safety glasses.
  10. Raymond Richard

    IT'S TIME.....for another Blade Show!

    Ed, Sorry to hear the show was disappointing. Every time I go fishing I feel like I am doing a knife show and when I do a knife show I feel like I'm fishing. An off day at either and disappointment will show up.
  11. Raymond Richard

    Friction folder

    Not sure if you can still get this one but if so its a good one:
  12. Raymond Richard

    IT'S TIME.....for another Blade Show!

    Some of the old die hards are still sporting the cowboy hats and jackets, but most have gone much more casual.....some maybe a bit too much in that direction for my tastes. Casual is fine, but I don't think I'll ever understand vendors who show up with cut-off shorts, flip-flops, and a torn up...
  13. Raymond Richard

    IT'S TIME.....for another Blade Show!

    I never understood why so many of the ABS Smiths wore the cowboy hats and sports coat. Is that still what you see a lot of at Blade Show or has even one gone with the more casual attire? How many guys are sharing the hotel room this time?
  14. Raymond Richard

    IT'S TIME.....for another Blade Show!

    Ed, Hope you have a great show! Did you ever spot the cowboy hat that you lost at the Hotlanta airport in 2004?
  15. Raymond Richard

    San Francisco Bowie

    At the end of the OKCA knife show I was asked to make an Award knife to be given away to one of several persons that displayed the fantastic knife collections at the 2019 show. I was one of at least a dozen makers that were given a blank of the San Francisco Bowie to turn into a knife. Not sure...
  16. Raymond Richard

    New Old Timer back

    Denny, I was surprised I didn't see you at Steens Mountain while I was lost. Got feeling you were also lost. Good seeing you around! Mr Craft, the most loyal Knifedog of All. You've always got something nice to say about everyone. Actually have another finished knife that I need to take some...
  17. Raymond Richard

    New Old Timer back

    Why? The top of my head is like a desert with a few needles and thorns. A barren landscape with no oasis in site.
  18. Raymond Richard

    How do you bevel your blades?

    I always thought it depended on how you hold your mouth. Anything other than dead center will throw off you bevel.
  19. Raymond Richard

    New Old Timer back

    Don, The ones that are gone don't talk very loud anymore. I just turned 71. I feel like an old car that is always in the shop with something broken down. A couple of the friends I had in high school just departed. Got a feeling there will be more. Old age is fatal. Been meaning to ask, is the...
  20. Raymond Richard

    New Old Timer back

    Don, Did you know old guys rust? I think that is what is wrong with all my joints. Thanks for the comment........