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  1. EdCaffreyMS

    Wayne Goddard, My good friend

    That hits hard. Wayne was one of my knifemaking heros, as well as a mentor in my early career. We've lost another "giant" of the knife world. R.I.P. my Friend.
  2. EdCaffreyMS

    Just wanted to update everyone

    Cindy and I got back home from Seattle today. Honestly, I was disappointed.... It was basically an "orientation" visit. The Doctor went over medical records, condition, problems, etc. and had blood tests done....... then with no offers of solutions/treatments, said..... I'd like to see you...
  3. EdCaffreyMS

    Just wanted to update everyone

    Cindy and I will be heading to Seattle today, for my appointment at U of W med center (appt is tomorrow). Please pray that the Docs can get us some answers, and a successful treatment/plan to get me back to health again. I'll post an update when we return. Thanks for all your prayers...
  4. EdCaffreyMS

    Does Acid dissolve grit lines?

    If you're referring to a machine/grinder finish to those grits..... no, in fact generally the opposite happens.... scratch marks that were minimally visible before etching will "jump" out, and be 10X more visible. Now, that being said, a good hand finish is another story.... generally, with...
  5. EdCaffreyMS

    Forge Welding Question

    For YEARS I operated with one of the Lincoln welders mentioned a by Gliden...... I stumbled across it at an auction, and got it for $50 (that's been a couple of decades ago). Then I got lucky and got a great deal on an older Lincoln IdealArc MIG machine, that will do anything I'll ever likely...
  6. EdCaffreyMS

    Just wanted to update everyone

    FINALLY! Some movement. I have an appointment with the interstitial Lung Disease dept at the University of Washington, on 14 Nov @ 1pm! After speaking with the med center representative yesterday, my suspicions were confirmed in that the right hand wasn't communicating with the left hand...
  7. EdCaffreyMS

    Having surgery tomorrow

    Prayers for you Jer..... for an easy surgery, and a quick, full recovery! Keep us up to date!
  8. EdCaffreyMS

    Inserting tips.

    When I comes to pins, you generally want to use a drill bit slightly larger. For example the 1/4" pin you spoke of is .250" diameter.... if you drill a 1/4" hole for that pin, the hole will be .250" diameter too.....that means the pin and the hole are the exact same diameter...... the pin...
  9. EdCaffreyMS

    Am I fooling myself?

    Uhhh.....pretty much. Honestly, 1 x 30 and 4 x 36 machines are simply not designed/built for grinding metals. They are intended for hobby level woodworkers. Even the belts produced for those machines are not intended for use on metal/steel. What you're dealing with is a "ceramic" belt...
  10. EdCaffreyMS

    Welding Damascus

    By "welding" I assume you are talking stick, or mig welding? The short answer is won't least not dependably. What you'd be doing is using two dissimilar materials, and then introducing a third dissimilar material with the welding rod/wire. Proper pre-heating, post...
  11. EdCaffreyMS

    Just wanted to update everyone

    Got a little more news today. Although not what I consider "good" news..... well, maybe..... the pulmonologist called and said that on top of everything else, I also have mold in my lungs. o_O My first though was what the heck? Then I recalled a conversation Audra Draper and I had at the...
  12. EdCaffreyMS

    Maker's Mark Stamp

    When I first started etching my mark on folders (stamps on folder blades always caused major problems for me) I had no idea just how important quality stencils were/are. I was having all sorts of troubles with etching, before another maker explained the stencil quality thing to me..... and...
  13. EdCaffreyMS

    Maker's Mark Stamp

    Everybody has their own methods that work for them. I'll use some of Cliff's points and give examples from my world..... Freehand, it often is difficult to get it right (as in holding the stamp with pliers or vise-grips. The holder/jig I built eliminates that. This is the reason I choose...
  14. EdCaffreyMS

    1080+ Tempering

    Personally, I temper everything for 2 hours, X 3 cycles. Testing has shown that at least two cycles are necessary for most steels, and #3 is simply an insurance policy. Just for the sake of continuity and workflow, I temper everything for 3, 2 hour cycles, allowing the blade(s) to cool to...
  15. EdCaffreyMS

    Maker's Mark Stamp

    Probably the most often seen pitfall experienced by most when stamping, is ensuring the stamp is square to the blade when stamping..... whether that be hot or cold stamping. I always hot stamp, just because it works best for me, and I like the look of the mark better than a cold stamp...
  16. EdCaffreyMS

    Just wanted to update everyone

    Latest update: Yesterday I had a follow up appointment with my primary Doc on the Air Base..... checking me after the hospital stay. He told me that he was going to take point on getting me to the University of Washington. He set me up with a Case Manager on the Base, and to their credit...
  17. EdCaffreyMS

    Smoothing out grindlines

    In all seriousness..... the way to reduce hand finishing is get better at grinding. In this case you're handicapped/limited by the machine's capabilities. Save up some $$$$, and get yourself a good 2 x 72" grinder..... it'll be the best tool money you'll ever spend.
  18. EdCaffreyMS

    Maker’s Mark (Steel Stamp)

    just a tad over 1/2" Henry Evers Corp (EverStamp) would be my first, and likely my only choice. I've owned/used a couple of stamps from Buckeye, and wasn't happy with them. Here's a link to an article on my site about marking blades..... but the second half shows images on how I've cold...
  19. EdCaffreyMS

    Maker’s Mark (Steel Stamp)

    Either of those will be WAY TO BIG. The size, in terms of a stamp, refers to the height of the letters. Way back when I ordered my first stamp, I went with 3/32"..... it was only usable for big blades. At the the time it would not fit on most blades I made. Ever since, my stamps have...
  20. EdCaffreyMS

    Just wanted to update everyone

    I've been doing the nebulizer thing for over a month now. It's not bad at all, takes about 10 mins, 3x a day, and my lungs feel better for about an hour afterward. They also have me doing Advair inhaler 2x a day......that actually seems to help the most, but the steroid stuff creates other...