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  1. Billy Helton

    Damascus Chef knife SET

    WOW what a set and the damascus is awsome
  2. Billy Helton

    Hello From OK

    Welcome Good to have some more Okies here...
  3. Billy Helton


    Nice flow . Love it
  4. Billy Helton


    That is really classy . A+
  5. Billy Helton

    Just another knife ( kinda)

    This is a little random pattern Hunter. The handle material is a norway spruce cone stabilized by Pat Ankrom. it was a little funkey working with and I decided to put a iron wood frame in between for a little contrast and support. The 1/4 slabs were a little more flexible than I liked, but after...
  6. Billy Helton

    Finished on 9/11/2011

    Looks real classy art
  7. Billy Helton

    Birthday gift spoon-fork and knife

    Now thats cool as can be right there
  8. Billy Helton

    My first J.S knife

    Thanks Robert I appreciate it. I will work on the sheath part.
  9. Billy Helton

    My first J.S knife

    Thanks fellers I appreciate it. You all make some great knives also.....
  10. Billy Helton

    Carbon fiber and copper

    that design is great and nice fit and finish from the looks of the pic..
  11. Billy Helton

    52100 Bowie with cherry handle

    Really nice looking knife.
  12. Billy Helton

    Branson Knife Show and Hammer-In

    Ya boy it's a good time. Are you going mike. On Friday night we meet up at gary's house on the side of that dang hill and do some forging( B.S ING ) to. I know I get to the show late and leave early because the trout are always biting below table rock dam.
  13. Billy Helton

    Rosewood and copper

    Very nice Keith
  14. Billy Helton

    new to knife dogs

    Welcome welcome welcome
  15. Billy Helton

    Sheath just finished.

    That is awesome looking ART.
  16. Billy Helton

    My first J.S knife

    This was my first knife made after I passed my Journeyman smith test. Almost forgot to stamp the darn thing too. Thanks for looking
  17. Billy Helton

    A couple stragglers

    Sweet knives karl
  18. Billy Helton

    Try not to miss me!!

    Man steve have a blast brother
  19. Billy Helton

    Polar Whittler

    looks really cool. Welcome
  20. Billy Helton

    hidden tang wharncliffe mirror finish

    Really nice looking knife