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  1. UncleBillyKnives

    Small Caper of CPM-D2

    Here is a small caper I did for my cousin. cpm-d2 with brown canvas micarta. I don't like the sheath so I have a neww on in process. Sent from my 2PQ93 using Tapatalk
  2. UncleBillyKnives

    A couple of Loveless style drop point hunters

    I have not had much opportunity to post the last few years, but here are a couple I finished this weekend. CPM-D2 steel with SS hardware. One has stabilized snakeskin sycamore and the other Amboyna burl. Big thanks to Bob Parker for his guidance and support! Sent from my 2PQ93 using Tapatalk
  3. UncleBillyKnives

    changing employers

    Congratulations ans good luck with Tue knifemaking.
  4. UncleBillyKnives

    Greetings from Michigan

    Welcome from another Michigander!
  5. UncleBillyKnives

    I could really use your prayers

    So sorry for your loss. Prayers sent!
  6. UncleBillyKnives


    It has been a long last couple years. I lost my wife of 23 years in May of last year. While she was sick, knife making was my therapy. Since her pasting I have been so busy doing everything for my family, knife making fell to the side. No time and to be honest, I've had no motivation to do it...
  7. UncleBillyKnives

    Im Back with a new shop and new knives

    Welcome back! Where about in Northern Michigan?
  8. UncleBillyKnives

    Green mammoth bark folder!

    That sure is nice Randy!
  9. UncleBillyKnives

    Everyone... take care of your bodies.

    Sorry to hear and I send you my best wishes for getting healthy! I am on the weight loss train now. I gained 25 pounds after my wife passed away last year and I was already overweight to start. I lost 20 so far and want to lose 60 more. It is a challenge but I need to get healthy for myself and...
  10. UncleBillyKnives

    Who is on first and where is Beatles Steak House?

    This made my day! Thanks for the laugh!
  11. UncleBillyKnives

    My favorite--right now--Randall with AAAA Ivory.

    WOW, I love Randall's and that sure is a nice one!
  12. UncleBillyKnives

    Prayers for Hunter

    Randy, sending prayers to family! I hope he is feeling better!
  13. UncleBillyKnives

    Another portaband mod

    Thanks all, I bought the Dewalt 18tpi blades with cobalt added. Have you ever used these? Will have to look at the box when I get home. I'm not sure where that are made.
  14. UncleBillyKnives

    Another portaband mod

    I picked up a new portable bandsaw and build a stand from scraps that work. I have a few blades to cut out and practice on tonight.
  15. UncleBillyKnives

    Shoot Your Dog

    Here is my dog Jasper with my father inlaw. He is a 9 month old Shiba Inu / American Eskimo dog mix.
  16. UncleBillyKnives

    Going Full Time...

    Congrats on taking such a big step! Looks like you have a winning business plan and I sure you will be successful. And you are my favorite supplier!
  17. UncleBillyKnives

    The Official "Show us your shop dog" thread

    This is Jasper! We just got him a couple days ago. He its a Shiba Inu and American Eskimo dog mix. So far, he has been a great puppy!
  18. UncleBillyKnives

    Excited and scared

    Thanks for the advise Rex and yes, please send photos of your stand. What style hammer do you use? I have to get one of those too, along with a better tongs.