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  1. Raymond Richard

    Wood Identity

    It looks like two different woods to me. Bocote as the base and dessert ironwood as the football.
  2. Raymond Richard

    1939 Studebaker Leaf Spring Interest???

    I had made a couple knives out of a piece of Studebaker leaf spring that Wayne Goddard had given me years ago. Believe it is 9260 and it hand forges fairly easy and does make a good blade. Also I had found a fellow that had rebuilt a 1923 Studebaker and I traded for his old springs. I should...
  3. Raymond Richard

    Further Sale, Price Reduction

    Have you got a couple pints Metrikote left?
  4. Raymond Richard

    When do you consider yourself a knifemaker?

    Once I learned to spell carpenter I was one. Same for knife maker.
  5. Raymond Richard


    Had a wisdom tooth pulled 45 years ago. Started getting some swelling and pain a couple days later. Contacted the dentist and he got me an antibiotic. Two days later the swelling was so bad I went to emergency. Doctor there called the dentist and they decided I hadn't been on the antibiotic long...
  6. Raymond Richard

    Welded SS Loops

    They could be made from stainless steel tubing once you figure out what size you need. Here's a link to the tubing:
  7. Raymond Richard

    How is everyone holding up?

    According to the internet: A pole weapon or pole arm is a close combat weapon in which the main fighting part of the weapon is fitted to the end of a long shaft. Fishing could be a whole different story. As far as life it self with the situation we have all be going through doubt is the...
  8. Raymond Richard

    Fear Not

    How to express my feelings with what has been happening in this world today. If we ignore what is happening maybe it will just go away or we live in constant fear of dying prematurely, or we can fix it ourselves in time, we just need more time. Can man really save himself? Could Pharaoh save...
  9. Raymond Richard

    Klingon fighting stick redo

    James, The thing I disliked the most about the original stick was it looked like an unskilled Klingon made it. ;) Actually it was to heavy but it did chop well. I figure with the ring it could hang on a wall with a universal hanger, the nail. How'd you do at blade west?
  10. Raymond Richard

    Klingon fighting stick redo

    Just pulling you leg on the liquid gold. The gold'ish color is the result of a 450 degree temper cycle.
  11. Raymond Richard

    Klingon fighting stick redo

    Made the original in March of 2017, a month before I had my right wrist fused. I believe I had a brain freeze when I made it originally. I ended up having to destroy the handle to salvage the blade. Turned the old blade into a more of a ulu'ish shape and used a piece of koa that an old friend...
  12. Raymond Richard

    In Thanks and Remembrance!

    Ed, Thank you! I remember you telling me at Blade about 15 years ago that you worked as a mechanic either for the air force or the army. How many of us shared that one room at the Sheridan back then? Thank you for all the advise you have given to all of us!
  13. Raymond Richard

    In Thanks and Remembrance!

    50 years ago I was 22 years old. I had got drafted in June of 1967. Before I had started my army basic training I was given an option to take an army school which would cost me another year of service or take my chances with what the army would give me as a draftee which probably meant I would...
  14. Raymond Richard


    Cal, Good to see you are still making! Actually tried to call you a couple months ago with your old number. This blade is a real beauty! I believe you have a very large female walrus tusk which work much better than the male tusks which are even larger and thicker. Looking forward to seeing...
  15. Raymond Richard

    Most of half a year's worth of forged blades

    You know I keep forgetting your still a kid. :rolleyes: The control you have with Hilda is what amazes me the most and to think you created her blows me away. With all the hand forging I have done over the years has really hurt my body. Hilda will prolong your career. Are you doing Blade West...
  16. Raymond Richard

    Most of half a year's worth of forged blades

    James, You and Gunnhilda make a great team! How long have you had Hilda? I can remember you building her, must have been at least 10 years ago or even longer, maybe even 20. I would love to have her sister.
  17. Raymond Richard

    Most of half a year's worth of forged blades

    James, I seem to recall you making yourself a power hammer. I keep thinking a tire was part of it. How did that work for you?
  18. Raymond Richard

    Filet O Thumb

    One shot? Did you make a coon skin hat out of it? What did you do with it? Does it have to do with the art work I did on it? It does look something like a tatoo from the South Pacific. When I was first putting it together it reminded me of the old Heckle and Jeckle cartoon birds which were...
  19. Raymond Richard

    Filet O Thumb

    This is by far the most different piece I have ever done that I can remember. So who won the fight?
  20. Raymond Richard


    found this: