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    Yeah probably should have kept a better track of the post, but long after the fact someone was nice enough to give me a heads up about the post. Wow guys, some of you gotta grow up.
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    10” 310 layer Damascus Dagger Heat colored 1018 fittings with African Blackwood handle. $1200. Shipped inside US Thanks for taking a look :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Christmas Exchange 2018!

    Sure !! Count me in.
  4. David Roeder

    Might see a familiar face on Season 2 of Historys Knife or Death.

    Congratulations on the great run Justin !
  5. David Roeder

    Pasturewood Chopper

    You most certainly can :-)
  6. David Roeder

    Post pics here for critique - must have thick skin

    How’s this ? Not to bad for self taught. One thing I would recommend to those doing their own pictures is to steady the camera you use, and use a timer or a remote trigger. That suddle wabble can knock your focus out just like that. Soft lighting also is important. If you are adding light to...
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    Pasturewood Chopper

    I make it myself :-) why, because I can. I’ve made this stuff for several years now, and only using it on certain pieces. Once the occasion arose for the show, I thought to myself that it would be a great chance to really have it seen. It’s great stuff.
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    Who Scheduled Bladeshow West?

    It was a nice show. I didn’t have a table, but it was great to walk around and visit.
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    Pasturewood Chopper

    This is the knife I used for the Season 2 premier of Knife or Death.
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    Fancy Hunter

  12. David Roeder

    Damascus Hunter

  13. David Roeder

    Last knife for 2016

  14. David Roeder

    Mammoth Bowie by David Roeder J.S.

    Mammoth Bowie 12" 336 layer Damascus blade 17 1/2" O.A.L. Mammoth Ivory handle, with "aged" 1018 fittings. So far to date, this is my largest knife I have made. I say knife, not piece.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Just a simple Hunter. That's what's going on in my shop.
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    my Facebook knife page

    Thanks !
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    Model 1

    Just a little something I finished. 12" blade, 5160, Bowie Model 1.
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    Damascus Hunter

    Just something new I thought I would share.
  19. David Roeder

    Damascus Hunter

    Here's a Hunter I finished today. Just thought I'd share :-)
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    Spalted Birch