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    2 Chef's knives available

    Nice knives, Stephan. 52100 is good in the kitchen for sure.
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    52100 Drop point hunter.

    Hey thanks, fellas. Good to see you around, Josh.
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    52100 Drop point hunter.

    "Chert" model drop point hunter. This series of knives features blades forged of 52100 steel with drop points, and dovetailed bolsters for a little dress. They are designed to be solid but not overly heavy in the hand, with fairly thin slicing edges. HT consists of triple normalization...
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    Thinking about started to forge

    Hard or impossible? Not at all. I've forged 2" round 52100 into 1/4" flat bars by hand. THAT sucks. Now I have a power hammer and those days are over. I think if I was starting with 1/8" 52100 and wanted a 3/32" blade I'd just grind it from the start. I both forge and stock remove, many...
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    Cru Forge V

    AKS had it last I checked, for very reasonable prices. I got a few bars from them in 1.25" round, it works like butter under the power hammer. It does NOT work like butter under sandpaper. I've only made a few blades of it yet, the last one was a BIG blade and quite an ordeal to finish to 600...
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    ugly knife? Really?

    Looks fine to me. Not something I would make personally, but not ugly. I'd carry it. It's obviously made to use, nothing wrong with that.
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    belt grinder?

    Seems to me like some of the best grinding machines available can be fairly easily approximated for a shop-oriented person. The recipe for success is pretty simple to me: rear wheel drive, direct with variable speed, good adjustable tension and tracking, tooling arm design, built solidly. I...
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    Needing some Grinding Work

    PM or e-mail me if you've not found anybody, we can talk it over. Salem S.
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    Damascus: The type of sandpaper used...and the effects on etching??

    Huh, I use Rhynowet paper too. I thought it cut more aggressively than any other paper I've used on steel, and left a slightly less "polished" surface at any given grit than comparable paper. That's why I use it, it saves me time and paper. I've not tried the Black Ice paper, however. Do you...
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    Basket Weave Damascus in a Canister

    Good God. Stunning and inspiring. A bravura performance, Bruce. I already love it, the fat lady be damned. It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all... I'm slowly climbing the mountain towards having the shop, patience, and skills to do this kind of work. Thanks...
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    Help Design the perfect forge! Input needed...

    One more thought. Forges are like knives. There are factories that do a real good job of basically making them; however, the user/custom builder can spend the time to "trick them out" better. Some things would be prohibitive in time and cost for you to do. Let the forge buyer do these...
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    Help Design the perfect forge! Input needed...

    I thought about a system of forge components. Many kilns can be taken apart in sections; why not a horizontal pipe forge? Using Kaowool, the sections would be pretty much "gasketed" when connected. You could buckle them together with SS tool box type catches. You could offer blank rings and...
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    4" Skinning knife w/quench line, 5160, jade ghost G10.

    4" Skinning knife w/quench line, 5160, jade ghost G10. Sold Pending Funds. G2G “Julep” Skinner: Clay-quenched forged 5160 blade with quench line, clip point, “Jade Ghost“ G10, full flat grind with distal taper and fully tapered tang. SS tube rivets, a mosaic pin, green fiber liners. Light...
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    1st hand forged hunter. CRITIQUE wanted

    Nice plunges. Great leatherwork. Kudos.
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    World's best thread about grinders...

    Wow, to say that whoever collected all of those photos was obsessed with belt grinders might be an understatement. There are some beautiful machines there I have never heard of. Haim?
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    World's best thread about grinders...

    My new variable speed 2x72 grinder. Just finished building it at my friend's fab shop. (Quill Hyde, he's a whiz with design and fab.) The main parts were cut out on a CNC plasma torch, with a graphic of a snake wrapped around a torch, (Promethean Knives) I used the big contact wheel off my old...
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    Habanero hunter, G10, W1 w/hamon

    Gotta drop the price again, $210 shipped w/sheath. That's as low as this one can go- poverty line. Wouldn't drop it so quick, but need the cash as life sometimes is interesting in unplanned ways...
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    Habanero hunter, G10, W1 w/hamon

    “Habanẽro.” Get it while it’s hot. Sorry, this blade looked a bit like a pepper, or so I thought when I was making it. After I decided to use orange G10, it was only the natural name for this design since I love spicy stuff. Heck, I even added the green pin for verisimilitude… Here...
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    Show off and talk about your Flat/convex grinds here!

    Allright fellas, here's one in W1, full height flat grind:
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    Clay quenched hunter w/cocobolo

    Believe it or not, Sold pending funds. Thanks all.