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  1. Matt de Clercq

    Koa Kwaiken

    Thank you Frank
  2. Matt de Clercq

    Little things that are essential in the shop

    Don't forget locktite super glue, zap gap filler super glue, 1,2,3 blocks, carbide file guide, bandaids, craft sticks, plastic Jell-O shot cups, windex, ren wax, carnuba wax, blue tape and shoe boxes for your sand paper pieces. :)
  3. Matt de Clercq

    What's going on in your shop?

    I've got a little down time at work so I've been catching up on this thread and thought I would share what's going on in my shop. I have been busy with custom orders for the past few years and am coming down to the end of my list and am looking forward to taking my hobby in a bit of a different...
  4. Matt de Clercq

    Need Help on Bowie Knife Blade

    I totally understand the spot you're in. I would hand sand it in this situation. If you do go back to the grinder, use fresh belts. Nice work
  5. Matt de Clercq

    Koa Kwaiken

    Thank you guys!
  6. Matt de Clercq

    Koa Kwaiken

    I thought I would share my most recient take on a Kwaiken. Comments welcome. N690, stabilized Koa.
  7. Matt de Clercq

    M. Gregory/J. Doyle Collaboration..

    Sounds like a fun time. Beautiful work too
  8. Matt de Clercq

    My latest hunter

    I've tried using it up to .063" thick, coloring the apoxy, hand sanding with clean paper, putting WD40 on it and sanding all the way to 2000 grit. The only other thing I can think of is going to a .090" liner.
  9. Matt de Clercq

    My latest hunter

    If you ever figure out how to make orange liners orange, let me know please. I've made a few knives with orange bolsters and liners and they don't match. The same goes for red too. Great looking knife!
  10. Matt de Clercq

    Salutations from Sacramento

    Hello RW thanks for the solid introduction. It's good to see another Northern California maker here.
  11. Matt de Clercq

    Koa Hunter w/Leather

    Nice one!
  12. Matt de Clercq

    If You See This Guy At The Blade Show

    Sounds good Jess and Tracy! I gettn packed up and heading to the airport tomorrow
  13. Matt de Clercq

    If You See This Guy At The Blade Show

    I will for sure!
  14. Matt de Clercq

    If You See This Guy At The Blade Show

    If you see a guy wondering around the Blade Show next week that looks like this and wearing this hat, stop him and say Hi because it's me. This will be my first knife show even though I have been following the knife making scene since 2003. I'm excited to be going. If you have any tips or will...
  15. Matt de Clercq

    A couple for other makers

    It just so happens that two knives were back to back on my to-do list that were for other knife makers. I like when I get this kind of opertunity because they understand what it takes, how long it takes and their feedback can be very valuable. This one is N690, Mallee Burl, G10 bolsters and...
  16. Matt de Clercq

    Recurve Hunter w/Hamon

    Nice one Doggy!
  17. Matt de Clercq

    Small Bowie

    Nice one Darrin. I like the spacer and handle shape.
  18. Matt de Clercq

    Latest Field knife....getting better -RohdeEdge

    Nice one Daniel. Keep pushing yourself