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  1. Deltashooter

    Handles and bolster questions

    Scott, Is this fresh cut, dried, or what? It is a hard wood and is best if stabilized. Most is light in color and fairly plain, but not all. This is part of a stump that the tree had dyed a year or 2 before I got it. Sometime next year I’ll cut it into blocks and stabilize them. One...
  2. Deltashooter

    Ever here of D6A steel

    Brad, Fillet knives. Lots and lots of fillet knives :biggrin: Todd
  3. Deltashooter

    May 2012---Bubble Jig with a mystery damascus billet to grind on giveaway.

    Thanks for the chance again Fred. I'll keep trying 243 please:biggrin: Todd
  4. Deltashooter

    Biggest Liar contest giveaway - 1 million dollar prize! a new car! (none of those)

    Biggest liar, Hmmmmm, Oh I know, Murph is a tree huggin, longhaired hippy, comy type:shush: There that alt to do it:biggrin: Todd
  5. Deltashooter

    Can I use this Steel for knives ?

    Craig, I have no idea about these blades. So what I do when I don’t know about a find is, Can it be cut with a file? If yes it goes into the penny pile. If no I’ll grind a bevel and do a 10xx heat treat then to the anvil and a hammer and break it to look at the grain. If I like what I’m seeing...
  6. Deltashooter

    Why so Many Hidden Tangs

    I believe it’s a matter of preference for whatever reason you want. I forge an a little stock removal but I personally like a hidden tang in most designs. But then again some designs require a full tang to look right. Ask 4 knife makers a question and get 10 different answers:les: Todd
  7. Deltashooter

    Arkansas show in FEB, whos going??

    Murph, you an Allen will have to keep the DOGS in line, as I’m not going to be able to make the show this year. What a shame with the great lineup of makers and knives this year. Maybe next year will be even better, it always is:biggrin: This was to be my B’day present from the Mrs., to work...
  8. Deltashooter

    First stock removal knife

    Well after about six months and about that many sacrificed blades. I came up with this little knife that will really work. It started as a 1/8” thick saw blade, that I wasn’t sure what the metal was, so I cut out a blank, ground it, heat treated and full quenched in oil, then broke it to have...
  9. Deltashooter

    Coffin Box bowie FINISHED

    Doug, I like it. With cooper without copper, in the front of the guard, behind the guard, it looks good. Like the way the false edge just runs off before the point. Good choice of materials. The only thing that I can see is the ricasso is a little too tall, for my taste. But I still like...
  10. Deltashooter

    my first neo-tribal

    Dustin, That looks really good:35: I bet that would work over a slab of meat in a hurry. Hey I know where there are around 30+ white tail leg bones if you want to make say a pairing knife to go with it:3: Todd
  11. Deltashooter

    Genocide Edition !

    Well I’ll say that aint my brand of beer:shush: But that is some mighty fine work on both the knives and the sheaths. Todd
  12. Deltashooter


    Tom A way to figure the smallest single piece that can be fed through safely is to measure center-to-center between the in-feed roller and out-feed roller then add one inch. Example mine is 11” center-to-center so the smallest that I can run through this one is a 12” single piece. Todd
  13. Deltashooter

    June Meeting

    Well a few photos of last nights little get-to-gather. First off a BIG congratulations to Bud Richards and Tad Lynch for achieving their J.S. stamps:35: And their cakes. Murph told them before testing that if they past he would buy them a cake and boy did he:35: Two deservingly proud...
  14. Deltashooter

    Good Eats

    Finally a weekend without working on something, the yard or the garden. Just laid around in the pool and smoked. Got up Saturday morning and fired up the smoker/grill. Trimmed the pork shoulder. Seasoned it with a homemade rub. Grabbed a beer, for the water pan and added apple wood...
  15. Deltashooter

    Storms Suck!!!

    Murph glad to see that you're OK. Was going to call you but thought you would have enough on you hands trying to keep Nadine and yourself safe. You may have to put on your SARG Suit to even get close to your shop :2: Call me when you get a chance. Todd
  16. Deltashooter

    Saved from the shop stove.

    A couple of pieces of cherry. And this old oak knot. Might just find a handle or two in there:biggrin:
  17. Deltashooter

    Post your cell phone pic's here...

    Aaaaah, The sweet smell of spring. Well at least today. The next couple of days are going to be in the mid 80’s and humid. Bet the wife will ask, "when will the pool be ready" this weekend. Todd
  18. Deltashooter

    March Meeting

    Well we had our monthly get together last night with 25 plus in attendance. I pull up and JP is a flipping burgers and a rolling dogs. What, Dustin isn’t here? So I grab me a dog HOT off the grill and go in to find Lin Rhea, Murph, and Dustin standing around bumping their gums. So that’s...
  19. Deltashooter

    Need some advice on converting 220V into 220 3 phase Calling all Dogs!

    VFD All the way Uses less electricity, only running one motor instead of two Only noise will be the grinder Control your speed with a VFD And the best part is you can find them cheaper than that homemade converter you have linked. Todd