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  1. Curtiss Knives

    2012 Members Choice Awards

    I won an award??? Are you serious??? Thanks everyone! Thats awesome!!!
  2. Curtiss Knives

    Our Own in BLADE again!!!!

    Thanks everyone. Guess I need to subscribe to the mag.......
  3. Curtiss Knives

    Shop Tip of the Day - Add yours here

    To put a chrome-like polish on stainless hardware, like pivots and screw heads, I chuck the screw into my air powered drill. I'm sure a cordless or electric would work fine. Next I spin the drill while bumping the part against my leather belt on the grinder running at a medium speed. I have...
  4. Curtiss Knives

    Cruze XL linerlock

    Sandblast hard. I use a 50 grit garnet.
  5. Curtiss Knives

    Cruze XL linerlock

    Here's one I just finished up. Cruze XL linerlock with Chad's damascus. The scales are titanium that I carved to try and match the pattern of the blade. The blade rides on ceramic IKBS. I gave it a little spit shine. Hope ya like it and thanks for looking.
  6. Curtiss Knives

    need large folder parts, Where can I find them

    Have you tried counter boring "making a pocket" for the pivot head and screw head to sit in? That will shorten your length needed.
  7. Curtiss Knives

    God Bless our Military!

    The deal is done. I will slick up the knife and it will be encased in 150 year old reclaimed fir with the proper info laser etched into the wood. I am also sending another knife to his dad for him to use. I am so honored to be able to do this.
  8. Curtiss Knives

    God Bless our Military!

    Great ideas. What about a shadow box? Here's a pic of the knife.
  9. Curtiss Knives

    God Bless our Military!

    Folks, I just needed to share this. It really hits home. A few days ago I received a call from a gentleman that said he had one of my knives and it needed repaired. I asked him what was wrong with it and which knife it is. He replied that it was a Convicted folder and that it was his son's...
  10. Curtiss Knives

    Hometown Hero build ~WIP~

    You keep looking at the blade that way and you'll go cross-eyed!!! Hehe. Nice work and write up.
  11. Curtiss Knives

    Tsunami Suji

    Thats awesome!!!
  12. Curtiss Knives

    powder coating , ceracoat

    Bubba, call Jeff. He'll hook you up.
  13. Curtiss Knives

    Acid Etching - A cool blade mod!

    Steal some of the old lady's fingernail polish. Works great!
  14. Curtiss Knives

    Hello From The Hills of Middle Tennessee

    What hill are you from? I'm originally from Columbia. Welcome to the Dogs.
  15. Curtiss Knives

    Etched CPM 154 Lanny's Clip

    Very nice Keith.
  16. Curtiss Knives

    Ceramic tumbling media, how to?

    A little water and dish soap. Perfect finish and clean every time.
  17. Curtiss Knives

    A pair of Curtiss Knives CRUZE XL's

    Couple more pics.
  18. Curtiss Knives

    A pair of Curtiss Knives CRUZE XL's

    Both knives are 9" open, 5" closed with a 4" blade. Both have IKBS on a .25" pivot riding on grade 5 ceramic balls. They also have a ceramic grade 5 detent ball, lock face carbidized and an internal stop pin. First up is the linerlock. It features front and rear titanium bolsters, titanium...
  19. Curtiss Knives

    ZK I (zombie killer I)