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    a wee little seax

    Like that little knife a lot!
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    Desert Ironwood Hunter

    Well done, Sir!
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    Shop-built small wheel attachment and wheel set.

    Anthony, good ideas in your video. Will use some of your info when I get to mine. Nice job! Thanks Larry
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    Lean and mean

    Really good looking knife, " solid" is a good description!
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    Wingman Pocket fighters in 3V

    I agree, very nice knives!
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    Neck knife for the wife

    Like the small knives. The finish is good too.
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    I'm teaching a Seminar on "Cut N Shoots" need ideas

    That's just great, I love it!
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    How would you all deal with this hole?

    I would use epoxy, tinted with color powder stains, and a little fine sawdust. Practice a bit first to get the color right. OR better yet. I would try to find a small solid knot that matched in color, fit it to the odd shape as best as you can and then glue it in with tinted epoxy. This will...
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    Johnson Propane Furnace

    This Johnson #120 Heat treat furnace is available locally. Set up with propane, 8 x 8 x 14 interior. 90,000 BTU Asking $500. I have no experience with heat treating (yet). This looks like a good deal to me. How do you regulate temperature with something like this? All comments and...
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    Wood presentation case

    Frank, if you are interested in a custom box I can make just about anything you want. Here is a link to my web site : and here is my email:
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    Can't believe I got this- (now what do I do with it?)

    Can't say I disagree with trading it in on a more "home shop" size oven.
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    Can't believe I got this- (now what do I do with it?)

    I am not familiar with heat treating furnaces, not an electrician either. But I have been running phase converters in my shop for 25 years without problems. A rotary phase converter will give you true 3 phase power, but I have always seen it referred to by the horsepower of the machinery you are...
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    Snakeskin handle challenge .... CRUSHED!

    That's a real beauty! Well done.
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    ATS34 Fighter and Sheath

    Very nice, indeed!
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    New young guy from Idaho

    Welcome, good to see a young guy looking to learn these skills!
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    New member from South Africa

    Nice work.
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    Which metal cuting band saw to buy?

    14" Delta/Rockwell is the old standard for home shops. I converted a wood cutting model with a speed reducing gear box as HarveyBlades suggested above. Works great! They can be found on Craigs List on a regular basis. I own a wood cutting model as well that is at my camp. They can be found for...
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    1095 Hunter with Koa

    Great job!
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    The "Unigrinder" WIP - another KISS knife grinder concept

    There are ways to cut those parts out of aluminum with woodworking machines. You could cut the pieces out on a bandsaw, better if you can slow the speed down, but more important to have a fine metal cutting blade. I have cut aluminum and brass on my woodworking bandsaw and table saw. Yes be...
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    Carving a Bowie Handle

    Ed, I want to thank you for explaining the stippling as well! I know it can't be an easy process, and requires good old practice. Well done, that knife looks great! Best of luck with selling it quickly.