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  1. LightningSharp

    The Texas Knifemakers' Guild - Region 1 - general membership meeting.

    Greetings, The Texas Knifemakers' Guild - Region 1 - Will conduct it's annual general membership meeting on the 30th of January 2016, in Jarrell Texas. For complete information visit our Facebook page. Texas Knifemakers' Guild Even if you can't make the meeting, visit our page anyway to...
  2. LightningSharp

    Felt or Leather

    A leather belt is nice... but they stretch a lot! Felt has 0 stretch!
  3. LightningSharp

    What stones to get? Or something else?

    Check out "The Sharp Machine" I've owned just about every knife sharpening gimmick there has ever been.... Until I found this!!! Once you've used one... you will never using anything else! Lee Haag
  4. LightningSharp

    Discoloration after HT?

    Greetings, After taking my first knives from the oven and sanding them with 180, I've noticed some splotches that are not sanding out. Could the coloring difference be that the temper is different? My D2 recipe: heat to 1100 hold 5min heat to 1500 hold 5 min heat to 1860 hold 20 min (should...
  5. LightningSharp

    Paragon oven problems...

    That was the problem... Thanks!!!
  6. LightningSharp

    Paragon oven problems...

    Got my fingers crossed Good advice.
  7. LightningSharp

    Heat treat oven 115 or 240 v

    Greetings, Whats really important is the fact that you are making your own knives... Get what you can afford... and what power is available...
  8. LightningSharp

    Paragon oven problems...

    Greetings, Just got my first oven... a Paragon KM14D, 120v, 14amps, 1600 watts. It's on a 20amp circuit by it's self. The instructions are pretty clear for firing. Well it starts heating and will go for a few hundred degrees and stop... then it starts to cool... I tried it 3 different times...
  9. LightningSharp

    Using Argon when H/T?

    Got what I was looking for... thanks anyway.... Only use the gas if foil is not able to cover the part... Lee Haag
  10. LightningSharp

    Bodark scales on my latest.

    Greetings, These are from pieces I got from Mr. Cunningham at the Hammer In. This is some really hard stuff, anything but hand sanding burns.... Still working on the fit n finish.... Lee Haag
  11. LightningSharp

    Using Argon when H/T?

    Greetings, Anyone use an inert gas in there oven? Is if a viable alternative to foil? Better? Worse? Come one guys someone out there has to have some experience with it? Lee Haag Lightning Sharp.
  12. LightningSharp

    Looking for Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition

    did you ever get your Ken Onion? Lee Haag
  13. LightningSharp

    Using foil when H/T

    Greetings, I'm going to use foil for the first time on some D2 I've got. That stuff isn't! anyway how much do you use when you wrap a blade? and use pliers to crimp the edges...? Do you put a wood shaving inside before it goes in the oven? Do you leave it in the foil when it gets...
  14. LightningSharp

    Sharpener Recommendation
  15. LightningSharp

    Quench plates?

    Greetings, I've read several posts where thick aluminum plates are used to quench air quenched steel such as D2. I was wondering if anyone had tried other materials, like marble or granite. I have some surfaced 2" thick slabs of granite that would fit just right in my press.... any ideas? Lee...
  16. LightningSharp

    Aspiring Bladesmith Questions: Bladesmithing, Woodcarving, Engraving, leathercrafting

    I think you should start with a basic kit... and go from there... you'll find out which part you enjoy the most.
  17. LightningSharp

    stabilized blocks: how deep does the resin penetrate?

    K&G test several pieces in each batch to check the depth of penetration... I have never gotten a bad batch from them...
  18. LightningSharp

    Need some carbide drill bits

    Check out Artu Drill bits... the YouTube guy drills several holes thru a file... they work for me.
  19. LightningSharp

    I took the plunge......

    As for a container... I've done a couple different kinds... the first is a metal drywall mud tray.... you can find them at any hardware store... the other is a 4" pvc pipe that is capped on one end, both work very well... and no need for a large vat.... I did by a gallon of quenching oil, I...
  20. LightningSharp

    Knife Dogs Heat Treat Over?

    Knife Dogs Heat Treat Oven? Greetings, Looking to purchase a oven... With a little help from Google... I like the look and price of this oven... anyone used one? or a oven with this kind of controls. any input is...