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    Some custom work and some random alaska and oregon

    Most are ones we (wife does knife work too) did handles and/or sheaths for but some are from our collection (mostly GECs).
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    New to Folders - Slip Joint Template Resource

    You pretty much got it. A traditional knife would usually have peened pins that go through the cover and liners, because this knife is constructed differently it's press-fit with superglue (took a light tap with a rubber mallet to seat properly). Correct, the engraving is a whole different...
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    New to Folders - Slip Joint Template Resource

    The shield is pretty simple to inlay H2oknife sells a parsing plate and shield blanks. My way is kind of opposite most, I clamp the parsing plate to the handle scale and put it on my drill press (most people use a dremel with a router attachment) and use a Dremel 113 engraving cutter to...