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    Bunsen knives

    It’s a well made knife. Very heavy. Anyone have an idea who made it?
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    Bunsen knives

    No Busen
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    Bunsen knives

    Sorry it’s Busen Knives. Charlie
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    Bunsen knives

    Anyone ever heard of Busan Knives? Charlie
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    what is your EDC knife?

    Ontario Xm12
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    Please help identifi weather these knives are knockoffs or not?

    The first knife looks like an original ww2 mk1 Knife. The second knife was a PX Purchase in the 70’s sometimes used by military personal as a private purchase knife.
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    Help identifying knife

    Anyone know who made this knife?
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    Dutch Army “KL” Knives wanted

    Looking for Dutch Army folding knives “KL” marked on the handle with two digit date. Victorinox or AMEFA manufactured. Charlie
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    Help identifying a knife

    Need help identifying who made this knife
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    pilot knife date

    It's a pre 1967 dated Pilot Survival knife. Pommel dates started in 1967.
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    Unknown Benchmade knife help

    Can anyone identify this Benchmade knife?
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    Seal black knife copy , any ideas who made this?

    Mine does not have as nice of a finish as the pictured one from 2009
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    Seal black knife copy , any ideas who made this?

    Yea looks like this will be a tough one. The knife is very high quality. Nice and tight with real nice fit. I found a picture on line af one that sold in 2009 but they did not know the maker. Charlie
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    Seal black knife copy , any ideas who made this?

    Any ideas who made this.