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    Show Schedule 2011

    Wow, You did a great job . I've never seen such a complete calander as you put togather. Thanks, John Zembko
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    Advice needed on Ti Thickness and Micrometer

    I will address the micrometer issue. The digital mechanical is rotating wheels like the old odometers in cars, the electronic one is a electronic digital display . The third type is the old classic with the numbers on a rotating barrel. I am an inspector in my full time job. I am in charge of...
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    Titanium Kiridashi Money Clip

    Nice, How do you keep from cutting yourself when your married with 4 kids and two going to collage , because I wouldn't have any money to keep in it ? HAHAHA JZ
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    THinking about replacing my platens.

    I have also heard of people using glass for the flat platen . I tried that but it kept shattering on me. I guess its some type of certain glass . Tempered,hi temp ??????????? dont really know but the glass is probably your cheapest way if you know the right type to get . Anyone know??
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    THinking about replacing my platens.

    I replaced mine with D-2 @ 62 RcC . I made a couple of them, drilled and tapped the backs so I could resurface them when they finally do wear. Haven't had to yet. I also changed the rollers on my Bader flat platen from alum. to D-2 @ 60 RcC . Ceramic sounds good but can it be ground. I do have a...
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    Indian George - A little Help

    Our prayers are with IG. JZ
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    Will not be around

    Best of luck sir. JZ
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    1ST Knife

    Nice job . Great start. Keep them coming......... JZ
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    Big Gentleman / Who made this Damascus ?

    The blade pattern looks like Delbert Ealy ? But just a guess. John
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    forge welding stainless steel, Please advise!

    I might be able to help you out here. I have some 416 heat treated bar . 4" dia and 6" dia . also have 1 1/8 dia you could square up . also have 2 x 2 1/2 Bar stock. Let me know if you're interested in a piece. John
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    how thick should stock be?

    Hi Will, Different makers use varying size materials .It also depends if you are forging or stock removal . I am a stock removal guy . I will give you sizes that I have had good results with. Hunters and utility knives I usually use .125/.140 thick ,the thin blade with a full flat grind...
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    4-bar construction, p-weld kindjal

    Hello Kevin, Nice work. I live in Berlin , Ct. My sister lives in Cheshire. Do you do your own damascus?? JZ
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    My first double action automatic

    Very Nice!!!!!!! JZ
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    Updated Shop Tour

    Wow, What a set up. My background is machining . What are you having issues with?? John Zembko
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    Evolution! Warning curvy & pointy

    Nice job on all of them. JZ
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    New to Knife Dogs and some pics of my work.

    Welcome Nick, You sure do some nice leather work. What do you charge for a tooled sheath ? Similar to the 4th picture down . Is that a cross draw ? Thanks and keep up the good work. JZ
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    My First Knife

    That sure dosen't look like my 1st knife did. Excellent shape,detail in the bolster looks awesome. I'd love to see your future work. You look like a natural at this. Keep up the great work. JZ
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    Headin' to Belgium

    Nice job!!!!!!!!!!
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    Silver Twill G10

    I bought some not too long ago from Masecraft Supply, which is about 5 miles from my house.
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    Forged & engraved ball bearing knife

    Nice work. Great engraving. JZ