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    Quench tank/oil questions

    Thanks for this. Very helpful
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    Quench tank/oil questions

    Hi all, I usually work with stainless steels, but I’m wanting to start doing more blades out of 80crv2 (really like it for hunting knives). I have a couple questions. Warning: some of them may be stupid. 1. I have two gallons of Parks 50 in the shop. Is this ok for 80crv2? 2. What volume of...
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    Coote Grinder Modifications/Accessories/Upgrades

    Hi all, I'm new here and (I believe) this is my first post. I'm also new to knife-making in general. I'm currently using a Coote 2x72 grinder with a 10" wheel. It's a very solid machine, but it lacks some of the functions/accessories of higher-end grinders. I've been thinking of upgrading...