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    Latest caper with some nice rosewood

    Great looking knife!
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    Some of my mods

    Here's some more recent projects...
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    My mods and kit blades

    Wow, great mod work on those knives. They look very clean. Especially impressive given your lack of a workshop. Awesome work!
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    Some of my mods

    Thanks for the comments, sorry, haven't been here in a while. I do not use a scroll saw. I have a band saw, and sanders. That is what I use to shape materials. The only blades I typically cut down are the screwdriver blades on TL-29's, to turn them into other types of blades. I remove...
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    Fully customized Parker Edwards folder.

    Great looking mod, Adam! Nice hand-done jigging, and I like the skeletonized look.
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    1st foray into Stag handles

    Looks like a good start. Can't wait to see more!
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    Some of my mods

    Which one, the ebony one or the ivory micarta? The ebony one was for a customer, the ivory micarta one I still have.
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    Hello from New Hampshire

    Thank you for the welcome, and the kind words
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    Some of my mods

    Been on a stag kick lately...
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    First Folder

    Great looking folder, Ken! The mammoth looks awesome.
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    Some of my mods

    Thank you Ken. That ivory micarta one is one of my most recent. If you have ever played with one of those, the springs are absolute bone breakers. I like a flush look on my pins, but on this one I used stainless pins and left them proud and rounded to discourage spreading of the handles due...
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    Some of my mods

    Here are some more recent ones...
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    Some of my mods

    I thought I would share some pics of the type of mods I like to do. My favorites to work on are the TL-29 electrician knives. Before and after pics
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    Hello from New Hampshire

    Hi everyone. I'm Glenn, and I am a knife modder. I like to take traditional factory knives, take them apart, and modify them. Things like new covers, bolster work, shields, etc. I have been doing this as a hobby for a couple years, and have quite a few builds under my belt. I will post...