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    2,000 post Giveaway!

    I would like to get in on this. Thank you John
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    Mega skull lanyard Giveaway....

    I am in for Monday Thank you Jeff
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    Custom 1911 .45 & Flipper

    David the grips and knife look great, they make a very nice set. 2thumbs
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    Nice SandShark Benny
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    Flat grinders Bubble Jig with something to grind on. July

    Thank you for doing such a great give away Fred and Burton. I will go with 315
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    Ebony and Ivory

    That is a beauty Ray. I like the knife very much.
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    Friday night finishing kit giveaway

    I'll put my name in for whatever day this is
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    Friday night finishing kit giveaway

    Thank you Doug for putting together this neat kit, put me in on this please
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    First stab at a mini subhilt.

    Looks like a sub-hilt to me, that is a very nice looking knife
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    Little tactical bugger - RWL and green canvas

    Beautiful knife Ondrej
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    Good looking knife. I like a leather sheath
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    Winding Feather Fighter

    Beautiful grind lines Bruce. This will be another nice looking knife
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    Fire Starter Giveaway

    My Sunday post
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    Should I cut this into blocks?

    I would like to know how much you would want for a 6"x9"x2". That is what I am interested in, you can send me a pm if you do plan to cut this up. Thank you
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    Fire Starter Giveaway

    I am in again, for the firebug in me :eek:
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    Fire Starter Giveaway

    Thanks Jeff... I'm in
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    Straight Razors

    I have been a member on Straight Razor place for a while. I do not post much, just read. It is a shame they removed your post. Sometimes I have a hard time finding things in the forum there, I will post this link just in case you did not see it, it is a sub forum called "The Forge" all about...
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    Knife Give away

    Thank you for doing this for us Billy, I am in on this one.
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    Bull Dog lanyard giveaway *** Done****

    I sure would like to get in on this one. Thank you Jeff
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    Saw steel bowie

    This is a beauty Ray. 2thumbs