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    Help with coil math.

    Hi. Long story short, I melted my Hubert HT oven and have re-wired as follows: Original setup was 4 30 ohm coils (top, bottom, LHS, RHS). Bottom coil is toast and I don't want to replace it for obvious reasons. In sort, circuit from the factory had 2 coils in series in parallel with 2 other...
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    Converting 1962 Huppert's Delux Furnace Model 236dl 240v, 7.5a

    Hi everyone. I recently bought at auction a 1962 heat treat oven (wasn't cheap). Paid $500 for it. It's really heavy and looks very well built. The temp display stopped working and wasn't reliable even while it worked. I'm wondering if I should just replace the thermo couple with a type S or K...