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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving Dogs
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    Retirement gift knife

    Good filet knives are in demand always! You, just provided excellence, on time! Beautiful!
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    Odd request, purple dyed wood??

    Burl Source has some "very purple" dyed and stabilized wood. I just ordered a piece of buckeye burl from Mark.
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    Maple Burl Googly Eyes

    Very neat, I have several blocks and slabs I have not been able to shape into scales because I know as I start to shape and contour for fit, the design (grain) is going to change. It is like............, well I can't explain it. That's why I'm still looking at several blocks and slabs, and...
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    Fresh take on a simple grinder

    Yeah, he mentioned his background was . His tools seemed to "get the job done", that is what I got from it! His choice of metals, doesn't mean he couldn't take "super steel" to the grinder and start some sssssserious, knives
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    Fresh take on a simple grinder

    My son said the same thing! (he just turned 15, so, I had to explain). My take on that, is that he knows his tools, and compromised safety for sake of the video. I didn't see any flesh and blood flying, so I guess chest ex rays would be needed to fully understand the risk!
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    Fresh take on a simple grinder

    I found this to be very interesting. This grinder looks like a flint stone machine, but when you see it operate, it is anything but! Take a look, and check it out in action on YouTube here: It is very interesting.
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    What colors or grits Rouge should I use?

    Rouge(in all it's glorious colors) is designed for softer metal. You can find more aggressive polishing compounds, but taking a bead blasted hardened steel surface to"more shine", is a little over the pay grade for Dremel! I would forget that, and move to sanding.
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    best way to heat a shop?

    The more knives you grind, the more sparks you make, the more warm inside! Gas heaters do the job, just make sure CO2 levels stay safe in your environment.
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    Commercial stabilizing set up

    I think the curing part is the easier part. I can see metal ductwork with maybe a heat source and fans blowing from one end, over the treated wood, and out a vented exit (fumes are forced away from heat source) . Maybe a hotplate(burner with rheostat for temp control) with fans or heatguns...
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    Flintstone Steaks

    Wow! You even made my computer hungry! Very nice looking food my friend. I looked at each meal with my mouth watering. Thanks for sharing.
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    Commercial stabilizing set up

    Tracy, looking at your knives, I get the feeling you can make anything "work". I've been thinking about trying a stainless steel keg, like soft drink syrup is dispensed from in fountain drink machines. They have a fitting on top for pressurizing with C02, so I don't don't see why one couldn't be...
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    My first WIP Mosaic damascus "Sujihiki"

    Wow! Your team is amazing! I don't think that could have been any better. Beautiful work guys, and thank you for sharing!
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    Good Eats

    Todd! Why didn't you tell us your a German Shepard? Or is that Belgian Malinois?
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    Due to a series of unfortunate events

    Ernie! You know if "that" shoe was on someone else foot, you would do anything you could to help out! Remember "What Goes Around Comes Around" and we might just need you one day! Let your friends give you a hand brother, that's what friendship means!
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    Kind of Vikingish

    You are blessed with skills, and a healthy dose of imagination! Your work displays mastery of both. Beautiful.
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    Looks like we have another lanyard maker in the pound :)

    Thanks Ernie, I'll check it out.
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    Looks like we have another lanyard maker in the pound :)

    Hi Ernie, good looking sling! My daughter has the braid at the connectors down pat, but what is the main sling braid called? Where can I find instruction for that one? Thank you, TZ
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    Tsunami Tactical fighter. Gift for a soldier..

    May God bless the both of you! You make a better than great father and son team, keep it up. I would like to thank you both for supporting the friend that chose to defend our lives and country. You made a beautiful send off gift, that could indeed, save a life. I'm very proud of your work , and...
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    My latest folder.

    That's a very nice knife! It looks like file work on the spine? Would love to see photos if that's the case.