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    By request - A few pics

    Very neat, clean designs! I haven't seen anything like your hatchet sheaths before. Do you make them for hatchets other than Fiskars?
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    Dami Chef knife

    That's a beautiful blade with wood that comes close to matching. You two did well!
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    I finally got a.......

    Felhoelter, how is a guy supposed to drink his tea and peacefully go to sleep after reading a comment like that? I'm laughing almost enough to fall out of my chair, but trying to do it quietly so I don't wake my wife and daughter. :-D
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    Damascus neck knife GIVEAWAY, The Falcon by HHH Knives

    Congratulations to Gerald. You'll have to tell us how you like it. The pictures look great! Randy, thanks for an interesting thread and for showing us more of your work. May your knife business be blessed!
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    Damascus neck knife GIVEAWAY, The Falcon by HHH Knives

    Randy, that is a beautiful knife. Someone is going to really enjoy it. Thanks for the opportunity!
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    olivewood & 12C27

    That is very pretty, Roger. After looking at this picture I don't know why more people don't use olive wood scales.
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    Need Rescue Dogs OUCH

    Wow is right. Thanks for the note to click the image/link. That handle is excellent! Kenny drew the handle that was in my head, but he drew it better. I think you have a winner there. My daughter the artist may have some ideas. I'll have to ask her when I get home this evening. Steve
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    Tip up or Tip down?

    Sean, you might want to look at Spyderco. Some of their models can mount the clip on either side of either end. The Spyder-hole is naturally ambidexterous and doesn't stick out to catch pocket edges like thumb studs can. You can get a great deal from several Internet dealers. Sometimes you...
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    Tip up or Tip down?

    To me, this question could also be stated as "front pocket or back pocket?" My preferred EDC is a Spyderco Endura in my right hip pocket, tip down, blade opening toward the right edge of my pocket. The pocket and gravity keep the blade closed. It very naturally rotates into my hand as I draw...
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    When Gremlins Attack

    Very similar to my solution. I found myself locked out of my car too often so I started carrying a spare car key with my change. The car has a spare house key (among others) in a hidden place, but no spare car key in the car. My main key "ring" is a carabiner clipped to a belt loop with car...
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    California "Weird People" Lost Puppy!

    There are a few other Californians here. Since I'm about an hour south of LA you may end up in a central meeting spot. So when are you going to host a hammer-in? :-) Steve
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    New design

    I have to agree on both counts. It is a very pretty knife. And I'm curious about the file work. The spacing is very even with consistent angles so I'm guessing you have a nice gig to keep the file in the right place. The notches in the N's seem fairly straight forward, but the notches to...
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    Baby Bowie

    Steve, refer to Bruce's sub-forum. He has at least two WIPs for feather-pattern damascus and a separate thread for a mini-feather-pattern damascus. Wow!
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    Warning, Warning, Warning Explosive mixture

    Indeed. We're used to thinking of metals as non-flamable. This is kind of scary; I hadn't thought of accidentally making thermite in our shops. And I certainly hadn't thought thermite is easy to ignite. I seem to remember high school chemistry (way back in the Dark Ages) saying thermite was...
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    Gadzooks! New forum software is installed

    I understand how we all thought it wasn't broken. That is a testimony to Tracy and his team. The sad truth is that there are lots of people on the Internet with nothing better to do than mess with other people's PCs and software -- just for grins. You have to upgrade software before someone...
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    Rail hawk

    I think that is the prettiest tomahawk I have ever seen. :eek: I also think it is way too pretty to ever use so I hope someone has it in a nicely lit display case somewhere. It is also way too pretty to not be appreciated. Amazing work! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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    Official KITH knife photo thread

    I'm not a knife maker yet, but I have created a few other things. One of the hardest things for many of us to do is to stop. I'm currently trying to help my daughter learn when a drawing is finished. It's hard for her to stop since she always has another idea to "make it better." It's hard...
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    Official KITH knife photo thread

    Dan, the copper accents in that handle look great! 2thumbs You may be a little hard on yourself. I suspect my first sheath will not look nearly as nice whenever I get around to making one. Then again, there are enough talented sheath makers around here, when I need a nice sheath I may just...
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    Flat grinders Bubble Jig with something to grind on. July

    This is very generous of you, Fred. 2thumbs I still haven't gotten one of these the conventional way so I'll take #211 in this drawing. If I get it I'll have to go to Harbor Freight for a usable grinder. :D Thanks, Steve Edit: I just took a quick browse through Burton's gallery. He makes...
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    Rudy, this is very generous! I wish I had a knife vise. The more I read KnifeDogs the more I want to work on knives. A knife vise would be an ideal tool right now. This will be fun to watch.