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  1. ChuckBurrows

    Just a few of the leather sheaths I built.

    You are most welcome John and they all look good from here!
  2. ChuckBurrows

    Sewing thread and needle advice needed

    re: Thread length - using 7-9oz leather with a welt (i.e. 3 thicknesses) a good standard length is four times the length of the seam. On larger sheaths I usually sew each side (when the stitching goes all the way around the blade) with a separate threads. One this allows the use of a shorter...
  3. ChuckBurrows

    Mike Williams Gunstock War Club

    You're welcome Buddy and I reckon after studying the subject of Native American weapons/tools for 55+ years even I've learned a few things.:3: And Shaun's right similar shaped clubs have been used by indigenous peoples all over the world. Rabbit throwing sticks, even large non-returning...
  4. ChuckBurrows

    Free Photo hosting sites that work

    try Flickr
  5. ChuckBurrows

    Mike Williams Gunstock War Club

    Nicely done albeit much fancier than any of the originals in so far as metal work. FWIW despite the mythos surrounding the shape it is not based on gunstocks (and none were ever made from them) - the shape was known by the Natives well before the Europeans settling here. The image below is from...
  6. ChuckBurrows

    Rat Tail Knife

    looking good Mon!
  7. ChuckBurrows

    Back in the saddle?

    Nice to see your work again Ray - It's been awhile.. and know what you mean about getting hit hard - been fighting the Big C now for a few years. Doing OK but the fatigue sets in and I tain't worth a crap for days - very frustrating and boring!
  8. ChuckBurrows

    First Time Chuck Burrows' Style Sheath...

    Best I've found for being in stock is Amazon - unfortunately all of the artisans who made videos for CC are having problems with management so I suggest that those wanting a set get one ASAP....not a sales pitch per se, but those interested in more info on my finishing techniques can find that...
  9. ChuckBurrows

    First Time Chuck Burrows' Style Sheath...

    Best I've found for being in stock is Amazon - unfortunately all of the artisans who made videos for CC are having problems with management so I suggest that those wanting a set get on ASAP....
  10. ChuckBurrows

    First Time Chuck Burrows' Style Sheath...

    George you've done yourself proud and I like your "twist". My whole impetus for making the videos was in the hopes to inspire as well as teach.............
  11. ChuckBurrows

    What's the best stitching pony design?

    Here's a basic pattern I worked up and built several of over the last 20+ years - The jaws should be tapered as shown on mine - this allows your hands to get close to your material. I line the jaws with leather - usually whatever...
  12. ChuckBurrows

    First try with leather, but...

    That's how I've made mine for better than 40 years and the advantage is you only have to push the awl through one layer instead of three, making it easier to line up the holes properly. Just make sure after gluing up and sanding the edge even, to slightly re-adjust your stitch groover matches to...
  13. ChuckBurrows

    How do I multi color sheaths

    A bunch of info here - it's basically a multi-step process using sealers to block off the areas already dyed to prevent over run and bleeding - to keep it straight a steady hand and LOTS of practice (the new blue paint tape may help without leaving marks - try it with scraps.)...
  14. ChuckBurrows

    Damage from sheaths

    FYI - even leather sheaths will scratch a blade over time - the leather will pickup dust and other nasties over time and then you will get scratches. After building several thousand sheaths and holsters there is my experience simply no 100% effective way of preventing scratches from using a...
  15. ChuckBurrows

    Knives cutting through leather sheaths

    Tracy PM'd me and I'm off to my buddies for a while so will get back to you ASAP. In the meantime what leather are you using from Tandy? Can you post pics of the sheaths in question or ones similar?
  16. ChuckBurrows

    Marble or granite

    If we're talking for leather work then I reckon I've been doing it wrong for the last 45+ years along with a whole slew of pros. While marble is softer IMO that can be an advantage since it can be resurfaced with a hand held belt grinder whereas granite cannot be especially when it chips due to...
  17. ChuckBurrows

    Tell me about historical ranching/cowboy knives

    The most common knife carried by a cowboy of the open range era which was from the late 1860's until the early 1890's was the pocket knife of the Barlow type or later 2 or 3 bladed stock man type. Belt knives were worm at times (mostly early period) and the most common would have been a...
  18. ChuckBurrows

    Anyone ever use concho's on a sheath?

    bubba-san check out Diablo Silversmiths for real silver or silver overlay (heavier than plating but cheaper than solid silver) -
  19. ChuckBurrows

    Anyone ever use concho's on a sheath?

    I use them all the time and what bubba-san said - if I use a screw back, I set the screw with Loctite and once dry I then carefully grind the head as flat as possible using a Dremel drum sanding head, then skive the edges of the patch and glue in place with contact cement. another really good...
  20. ChuckBurrows

    Edge finishing sequence?

    Because to paraphrase the late Col Cooper - "it's a crappy solution to a non-existent problem" that is if you take the time to do it right in the first place. Edge Coat was originally developed for the shoe trade and to speed up the process for the big companies where speed is often more...