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  1. Burton

    Slicer and fork. Dressed in stag.

    Very cool!
  2. Burton

    Into the wilderness...

    Nice ones.
  3. Burton

    A Christmas present for my wife

    Very cool. The colors look great.
  4. Burton

    Bar room fight

    This is very nice work.
  5. Burton

    Congrats Josh Dabney!

    Congrats Josh.
  6. Burton

    Ohio Classic knife show, October 18th and 19th. WHO'S GOING?

    I will be down. See you there in a couple of weeks. -Burton
  7. Burton

    Little Ivory Pig sticker

    Very nice Jim can't wait to check this one out at Cambridge.
  8. Burton

    A pair of Scottish dirks- -one sambar stag one is handled with elk.

    They both turned out very nice Fred, the sheaths make the package.
  9. Burton

    Feather Hunter

    Very nice work. Damascus is sweet and the knife is cool.
  10. Burton

    Anyone for a Dart

    Very cool blade!
  11. Burton

    Radical Clip Ambrosia Maple & Damascus Fighter

    This is one just finished for a customer in North Carolina. This one is 1084 and 15n20 damascus. The pattern was made by pressing S dies into a lower layer count W's pattern and then the highs ground off then forged out to shape. The handle is Ambrosia Maple cut on the end grain that is very...
  12. Burton

    Panoramic Shop Pic & New Power Hammer Pic

    Video added. This is a 1" bar of 1080. Thanks to all for looking.
  13. Burton

    Going Full Time...

  14. Burton

    Panoramic Shop Pic & New Power Hammer Pic

    I think he meant caulk. You know I speak Ol' Blacksmith language :9: Thanks again for the advise Wayne. -Burton
  15. Burton

    Need a new stencil guy

    I have used IMG since I got my mark and have had nothing but a positive experience.
  16. Burton

    Panoramic Shop Pic & New Power Hammer Pic

    Thanks guys I am very blessed and thankful to have the shop I am in! My wife had to sacrifice being a bit further out from shopping than she would have liked! :) Thanks Wayne I am going to have to try that sounds good and it will save me using the hammer drill!
  17. Burton

    Bladesmith Alone at the forge.

    Your getting senile in your old age Fred! :) Just kidding ol buddy I enjoyed the read! Talk to you soon. -Burton
  18. Burton

    Panoramic Shop Pic & New Power Hammer Pic

    Panoramic Shop Pic & New Power Hammer Pic (video added) I took a panoramic picture of the shop the other night. Used a tripod and pieced the pictures together in Photoshop. Also took a picture of my new Power Hammer. It is a Ted Banning hammer that I picked up off my good friend Moon. The...
  19. Burton

    Pine Creek Hunter

    Looks very nice. The pine cone handle is cool. I looked at that stuff at the Ohio Classic knife show and it was very interesting.