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  1. Indian George

    Some B.W. Avila Knives

    Nice work!!! Are you a Portagee Knifemaker like me???
  2. Indian George

    steve shackleford

    BB, checkout whats going on facebook!/steve.shackleford.3/posts/195393457259985?comment_id=612174&notif_t=like
  3. Indian George

    well endowed fighter

  4. Indian George

    Lons 50 Stude "Rat Rod"

    BB Whats it running for a rear end!!!
  5. Indian George

    damascus micarta - a new handle material

    Looks Sweet. How about adding thin strips off copper and/or brass?????
  6. Indian George


    I do not know wassup with that.:mad:
  7. Indian George


    This is the interview I had with a PBS Radio-station from Woodshole MA.​79014-everyday-carry
  8. Indian George

    The Strauss Pirate 36 caliber

    Something smell bad in Southern Russia.
  9. Indian George

    Moving to AZ

    When my son got out of the Marines, he worked for Intel/ Chandler too.:biggrin:
  10. Indian George

    Moving to AZ

    Hey You Misplaced Yankee. Is it your B'Day You Ole Dog????
  11. Indian George

    Moving to AZ

    What a garden I'll have out there.The habaneros love the heat. Oh Baby!!!!!:nothing: Be afraid, be very afraid. HEHEHEHEHE!!!!
  12. Indian George

    Moving to AZ

    You won't be saying that once you come to the open house party, Hammer Ins and my Portagge cooking.:3:
  13. Indian George

    Moving to AZ

    I have been living here for 42 years.:biggrin:
  14. Indian George

    Moving to AZ

  15. Indian George

    Moving to AZ

    I have Old Indians never die tattooed on my arm. But the old saying goes is Old Indians never die, just smell bad.:biggrin:
  16. Indian George

    Moving to AZ

    Thanks Josh
  17. Indian George

    Moving to AZ

    I will be moving, before the end of the year. I will be heading down to Chandler,AZ. To share a house with my son and his family. I'll will be down sizing my shop. I'll be posting what I will be sell'g.
  18. Indian George

    Hi all - Central CT

    If you get this way stop by the shop.
  19. Indian George

    My Lil Wolf