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  1. Les Voorhies

    Suggestions on where to direct our efforts

    I'm up for it.... if Peter can make it, team me up with him.
  2. Les Voorhies


  3. Les Voorhies

    Model 10F

    At the request of a customer I finally got around to making the model 10 into a flipper.
  4. Les Voorhies

    Model 9

    Model 9 with polished titanium pivot rings, liners and pocket clip, CTS-XHP blade and blue twill G10.
  5. Les Voorhies

    Simplex flipper

    I finished this today and decided I needed to get back to taking some better photos, it's not great but it's better than the cell phone pics I've been doing lately :)
  6. Les Voorhies

    Final photos for Blade

    So it will be 10 knives, I gave up on trying to save the 11th yesterday. I still don't know what I'm calling the new prototype's, I'll have to make up my mind soon because I need to print info cards for them.
  7. Les Voorhies

    Blade show info and preview

    I'm officially back at knifemaking full time, I will not have a table this year but Jon Ukman (Ebosshoss) has graciously allowed me to sell my knives at his table (16B). For dealers, I'll have 5 or 6 knives available on Thursday and early friday, I'll be at the galleria by 3:30 or 4:00, you can...
  8. Les Voorhies

    VFD problem

    Thanks for the clarification :) Surprisingly I can solder but otherwise this job is way over my head, I'm going to buy another identical drive and send this one in for repair, then keep it for a spare. Thanks for the help everyone.
  9. Les Voorhies

    VFD problem

    Hmmm, I was looking at the QBT or the STVN, but the GBT and the BLT look suspicious too.... :D I'm sorry man, I have no clue what an SCR, IGBT or DVM are.
  10. Les Voorhies

    VFD problem

    I don't know if it's the motor, because it oscillated back and forth (like it can't make up its mind to go forward or reverse) I assumed it was the VFD, it is a KB and I've found a replacement but I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet (wouldn't ship until tomorrow anyway). I was talking to Jim...
  11. Les Voorhies

    VFD problem

    Single phase input at 220v 3 phase output
  12. Les Voorhies

    VFD problem

    Not belt tension, it does the same thing with the belt off.
  13. Les Voorhies

    VFD problem

    I have a KMG with the 2HP variable speed, it was running fine the 1st half of the day but a little while ago when I turned it on it sounded and felt wrong, it kind of vibrated. I shut it off and looked ofr the source of the vibration, couldn't find anything so I turned it back on and it just...
  14. Les Voorhies

    2nd Annual Hammer and Folder In 4, 5 2012

    !@#!#!!!! You guys are killing me! I'm stuck at work until 10 :(
  15. Les Voorhies

    Small and extra small model 13's available 11/19/11

    The small has a 2.5", .110"thick S30V blade, 3.375" closed, 3/16 hardened pivot w/IKBS. The extra small has a 2", .110"thick S30V blade, 2.8" closed, 1/8" hardened pivot w/IKBS. Both have .090" titanium frames with ty-dye anodized overlays. Neither one has a pocket clip because they just...
  16. Les Voorhies Hammer in Pictures...

    Cool, I haven't seen it yet but I realized today that I didn't even let you know it was on the way, and I sent it to the shop instead of your home so I just thought I'd check :)
  17. Les Voorhies

    CPM 154 or Elmax?

    I haven't compared the two in side by side cutting but I think the Elmax should out perform the 154. Don't get me wrong, the CPM154 is an excellent steel, I used it for years, but things are changing now that steel companies are paying some attention to cutlery.
  18. Les Voorhies Hammer in Pictures...

    Boss, did the knife make it to you?