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  1. rgepting

    Some of my work

    Flash back Friday. Some of you know me and my work others do not. I had some time to load some pictures of my work and wanted to post a few. Thanks for looking Richard.
  2. rgepting

    Silver Mounted Scabbard Completed

    Awesome job on that sheath. The detail is outstanding.
  3. rgepting

    Rick Eaton ~ Damascus Folder

    Awesome knife!! Awesome Pic!!
  4. rgepting

    A few more Sheaths and stuff Pics.

    Had some time to down load a few more pics of my favorite sheaths I have done in the past. Do any of you every make stuff you like so much you want to keep it and never have time to go back and make one for your self? Thanks for looking. Richard
  5. rgepting

    Elk Skinner (also first Hamon)

    Nice design. looks great
  6. rgepting

    Knifemaker paid status ?

    Hey Guys, First off want to just say what a great site you have here. Question is I paid for a knife maker membership yesterday and was wondering how long it takes to show up? Thanks Richard
  7. rgepting

    Leather trade show

    I know its a bit late but this weekend October 2-3 in Wichita Falls TX. The Boot and Saddle makers round up and trade show is going on. This is a great show that I go to every year to purchase leather and tools. Everything under the sun pertaining to leather work. Cheers Richard
  8. rgepting

    DIY electric leather burnisher with pics

    Ok leather guys, I want to share this little build I did and maybe it will help someone out. Finishing the edges on your work is very important for a pro clean look. There are a few electric burnishing tools out there from crappy to very expensive. Harbor Freight had this 1/2 HP Buffing...
  9. rgepting

    An arrow "sheath"

    I'm liking it. Good job.
  10. rgepting

    Chestnut colored Croc sheath for Case Trapper with matching belt.

    A neat little combo. Belt is Black Bull hide with 5 oz veg tan lining with Croc accents. Croc pancake sheath for a trapper. Thanks for looking. Richard
  11. rgepting

    New guy Introduction with Pics

    Hey guys just wanted to stop in and say hello. Did a introduction in the intro section and wanted to stop in here and say hello. Great forum that I have been missing out on here on Knifedogs. Some of you know me I have been around for a while in the knife and leather biz. Looking to learn as...
  12. rgepting

    Hello from Texas

    Just want to introduce myself briefly. I'm a knife maker and leather smith for over 27 years. This is a great forum and I hope to gain some knowledge as well as give any advice to anyone needing it. I'm a JS in the American Bladesmith Society and have been forging Blades and Damascus for 20...