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    Epoxy resist for acid etched blade

    Thank you Gene, do you remove the wax/excess epoxy once fully hard (say next day) or do you find it easier/better to do it once glue has gone off but not fully hard?
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    Epoxy resist for acid etched blade

    Hey guys i thought I’d share a tip I recently used for stopping epoxy sticking to parts where you don’t want it. The situation I had was an acid etched and stone washed knife that needed scales glued on. I could have just glued them as normal and ground to the tang etc but of course that would...
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    Grinding position

    I think you will achieve some similar results if you electro etch your blade but instead of using a felt pad lie you might for a makers mark, use a sponge. Give it a try - I think you might like the kind of finish you can get.
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    Frame lock folder

    Hey guys Here are some pics of a recent framelock I made. I thought I’d share since it is the first time I’ve done the two piece scales and felt it came out ok. Liners are Ti, G10 spacer and scales all came together well in the end. Hope it gives someone inspiration and happy to receive any...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Its very hard to take photos of Damascus but here is some chainsaw chain that fane out ok.
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    Mosaic Damascus folder

    Wow, beautifully done! Such a well thought out combination of materials and colours.
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    The Laser Thread

    This is a great thread guys, thank you for sharing on this topic. I was wondering if anyone has an xTool machine that uses the UV laser? They have a D1 and a F1 machine - the D1 you can get a infra red head for so you could have a diode laser for wood, leather etc and a UV for makers mark. It...
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    Pivot length.

    Yes that is correct.
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    Pivot length.

    I do a slightly different way. First put some marker or layout dye on the pivot to mark the length I am aiming for. Then take some scrap steel and drill a hole to match the pivot size. This then lets me lay the scarp steel against the flat platten pretty square and put pressure on the pivot to...
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    Framelock flipper

    The pivot on this one has a screw from each side but yes I did also need to shorten the length. It is pretty rare that you get a pivot just the right length out of the box. If you shorten a pivot once your close on the grinder I like to use the pivot lap that USA knifemaker sells.
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    Framelock flipper

    Thanks you very much!
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    Framelock flipper

    Ah so it isn’t just me that has been scouring the market for cracked mud knives! Nitro-v is pretty much a slightly tougher version of AEB-L. I expect it to be very good for the everyday cutting tasks this knife will see.
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    Framelock flipper

    Here are some pics of my latest framelock. Titanium scale has had a milled pattern that was inspired initially by cracked mud - I’m not sure it looks like it now but it is pretty fun. A simple sand blast finish on Ti always looks good in my opinion. The back spacer is orange G10. Runs on...
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    Personalizer Plus, Rise & Fall Indicator, Tap Guide, Edge Scribe, Pivot Lap For Sale

    Would you consider postage outside of US? I am in Australia and interested in the rise and fall indicator.
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    Liner lock folder with nice Koa

    That is such a great knife! Absolutely stunning For the thumb hole I assume this is done wth a ball end mill? If so can you plunge into the work with the tool or do you need to use a slot drill first and then round the slot using the ball end mill after? I am about to cut a small groove in one...
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    Finally Finished My First Framelock

    Well done! If I were to suggest potential changes to the next one I would probably take the grind a little higher and bring the plung line back toward the handle slightly. I would also thin the flipper tab a little so it is not protruding back into the handle quite as much where your index...
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    New Book: Knifemaking Hacks

    Any news on getting this book into Australia Jason?
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    What kind of folder are you thinking? Locking or non-locking, any preferance?
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    Refractory cement in kiln build

    Thanks guys, I will go ahead and use a very thin layer.
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    Detent Ball Flattening

    A LOT of great info in this thread - thanks for sharing your experience Ed!